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  2. Aussie 'manuka'.

    Hahaha... Manic laughter... If only we had it that easy!!!!! My eyes are hanging out after a day of deciphering MPI5 tests... ūü§™
  3. Wholesale prices Manuka Honey

    From what I have seen it is MGO 85+ honey which has failed MPI 5 altogether which is selling for $8 - $10/kg.
  4. Heal the human body using propolis

    Just use the tincture! Lol
  5. my pollen report

    I wish we did pollen tests on our honey... They are so interesting!
  6. MPI test result Quiz

    Yep this annoys the heck out of me. Had the final inspection for our RMP premises the other day, and even the MPI inspector was saying that the 'between 20 & 400mg' for it to class as multifloral was so wrong, and that all the beeks needed to make heaps of noise and get it changed to ' greater than 20mg' for multifloral.
  7. Wholesale prices Manuka Honey

    Just imagine being a primary producer farming beef, when suddenly a new test shows half your meat is now pork and the rest is chicken.
  8. GIA survey results

    Yes that may also not be a bad thing. Cashes them up so more money to invest in their business and spend on future honey. Plus it will get their bank manager happy and allow for more credit in the future. Everyone needs to have a turn so we can all thrive longterm
  9. my pollen report

    Is it lower the better. Does that mean it will store well with no chance of fermentation even though it is very runny honey .
  10. Chinese professional shopppers

  11. Autumn treatment failed - what next?

    Philbee is right , oxalic towels will work very well between the brood boxes of a double, but using oxalic strips the same way as you use synthetic strips is best, particularly if you run a single brood nest. There have been reports from some overseas beekeepers of some bee deaths when humidity is high , I think that was with the towel method , may also happen in NZ with cardboard strips The original recipe out of South America did not have any water added to the mix, Randy added that because he wanted the bees to remove the towels fairly quickly to lessen the chance of mites developing resistance to the oxalic I would suggest anyone using these treatments make sure the glycerine is food grade (USP or BP) , also not use the thin glycerine that some of the farm supply stores sell ,it will leach out of your strips .
  12. Heal the human body using propolis

    Just inhaling the air from a healthy beehive might help too. (That is actually done as a "treatment" for certain diseases in Germany... but there used to be a couple of legal obstacles) Just a general image from google to give you an idea (no i am not the guy and not related to him) should be pretty easy to come up with something...
  13. Heal the human body using propolis

    I have a son in law who found out he was allergic to propolis when he was given a treatment for a sore throat....fast trip to hospital. If you are going to try it- be careful.
  14. Heal the human body using propolis

    I dont like wearing sweaty nitrile gloves and the leather gloves.... well I may as well beekeep with my feet for all that you can feel with those things on.. im not complaining about it just pointing out my experience with propolis.
  15. Heal the human body using propolis

    Thanks Christi, did wonder if hi temps might destroy the vital ingredients. Don't really want to buy something like that but I might try a gentle knife spot or something just see how it goes.
  16. Heal the human body using propolis

    To me thats a strong indicator that you are just allergic to it... Why dont you use gloves? (if the leather ones are too thick/uncomfortable maybe just rubber/vinyl ones?)
  17. Heal the human body using propolis

    As far as i know (from reading the description about the Propolair device) the temperature is very important, too hot and the good ingredients would be destroyed, too cold and no vaporization. I dont remember all the details but i think something about 80¬įC were mentioned... So trying this yourself would probably involve a lot of fiddling... https://kontak.it/modello-propoltherapy => im not sure if the link is allowed here... its not advertisment as obviously you will not get it in new zealand anyways. I am still not 100 % sure if it does work, that means i dont know any scientific proof. what i definately know is that it smells absolutely awesome and i did not have any cough the last winter when i used it. (and all the winters before that i did!).
  18. GIA survey results

    I was forewarded a copy of an email from nz beekeepers today , after reading it I have decided to fill out a subscription form to join them , Maybe someone out there with a whole lot more computer smarts than me who has that email could post it to this thread so everyone on the list could read it and then make comments on whether these guys might be better to represent the real beekeepers
  19. NZBF Bee Beards ‚Äď What do I do?

    I've only had small beards - figure they're regulating the hive, they've always had space so I leave them alone. Interestingly my hive with the screened bottom board always beards bigger then the solid bottom one.
  20. Heal the human body using propolis

    Well it was a serious question, I was just thinking if it's easy and no special equipment needed I might try it if I get a sore throat.
  21. Heal the human body using propolis

    and now we're all going to end up with knives that suggest a habit...
  22. Autumn treatment failed - what next?

    I've got top bars so the towels will need to be hung between bars in the brood area anyway
  23. Wholesale prices Manuka Honey

    Anyone like to hazard a guess as to how much failed 5+ there is out there in beekeepers sheds just looking for a new home? 200 ton?, 300 ton? more? Have heard that there is a potential buyer out there who is prepared to pay market rates (whatever that means! $$$$) for 200t of 5+.
  24. my pollen report

    15% is low
  25. Heal the human body using propolis

    How do you vape propolis? Could you spot it on a oven ring?
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