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  2. Temps for now around 20C here, bees when feel the short period of sun pour out like they are swarming.. Now I saw that I missed a month.. oops..
  3. I’ll add my vote to the Ecrotek Bra veil. I love mine in the summer heat. You can wear a t shirt or pull it over long sleeves if you don’t want to get sticky. And it gives you great support when exercising
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  5. John, that sounds like a vehicle where the boss yells instructions to his minions out a very small slit with the window wound down. This actually happened when we were checking how far varroa had spread in the Bay, a couple of beek's went out with a big name beek here in the Bay. It was raining and the Boss Beek didn't want to get wet. I use ecyroyd, full suit or half with folding hood, but used to use sheriff, but price was the reason for change. In the middle of summer when hot n sunny i sometimes use hard hat with veil to get air flow over my head and keep sun off my face.
  6. I have just checked my ventilated suit and as far as I can see there is no name on it at all. I will still get four or five new veils but I might also get a couple of those light bra types for those really hot days in summer and perhaps wear a cotton apron when taking off honey so I don't get too sticky.
  7. Do you press a button that gives an automatic count, or do you scroll down & count ea post Silly me, I have just worked it out! Better have another cuppa
  8. There needs to be a bee suit designed for girls. Gorse bushes wearing a full suit & "lid" can be tricky things
  9. The first full suit I bought from Stuart Ecroyd had valcro openings on either side so you could open it to get access your trouser pockets etc, it also had the best feature of all a "Boys zip" (double ended) so you can have a bush pee with minimum exposure these were removed probably to save costs. When I buy a new pair I pay a friend with honey to modify them Pete
  10. who stocks sherrif in nz? will need to inspect these sometime. they sound a bit cooler than the heavy cotton. are they warmer in wet weather. I find that cotton gets very heavy & cold in wet weather, and when I do work in wet weather I know I have to have things pretty streamlined to avoid heavy cold overalls Do you press a button that gives an automatic count, or do you scroll down & count ea post
  11. Well said John. If China can dictate how we test and value our honey why can’t be set import standards on pork ? Are we too smaller market to have any say ?
  12. Id like a beesuit that doesn’t shrink each winter. I’ve had to go up a whole size after lockdown !
  13. Thanks Nikki.. great feedback.. and 17 replies and still on topic.. hold the line...
  14. I had a sherrif. The zips are crap and needed replacing in the first month or so. After that is was really good, it lasted about 4 years until the veil fabric split. They are lighter weight than the ecrotec ones which I use. For the price difference although I’d love another sherif, I’ve never re ordered one.
  15. Luckily extreme heat is never much of a problem here . And being a hobbyist you are not forced to check hives in unpleasant weather .
  16. I would like a cooler bee suit. Wearing the full suit when necessary, with the zip hood in summer on the nor west Canty Plains it's just too hot. I found the last two seasons with extreme hot weather exhausting.
  17. I like wearing solid hat and veil. A square veil mesh usually, tied via cord. Nice breeze and talking and listening a lot better. . Some I see wear the cloth veil, and elastic, which can be pulled down around neck and up over rim of hat. Or entirely lifted up onto rim of hat. Which must be awkward. Veil and hat aren't practical. Taking on and off slow and the hat hard to stow. I do have an emergency veil. A nice light material mesh and draw string. Though wearing it in wind leads to mesh on face and stings.
  18. I give bees wax foundation, small cell, in the brood nest area only, they build most frames very good, i get some frames 100% corner to corner all capped small cell, it is a nice site. if nectar is coming in fast or mid spring they can go and build what ever as it is very heavy wax foundation, I replace this as sometimes the use this wax to fill will nectar as it is so EASY FOR THEM to draw out. I also have a full apiary in normal black frames, and when you compare the bees the small cell bees are smaller. I have offered black frames as well to the bees but they do like the wax foundation, next trips will be heavy wax 5.4mm.
  19. My bee suit has had it , its a full suit . Any recomendations for a new one . Bearing in mind I have the hood down a lot , but like to be able to easily put it up if the bees are towy.
  20. Tristan,, I used to occasionally wear an old version of that with a pith helmet and short ventilated top that tied under your armpits. It was known as a suicide veil which given the bees at the time wasn't far from the truth on a bad day. I guess I should get something like you have for those really hot days but I hate being sticky and in general would much rather be a bit hot than stick to everything I touch including myself. I also have a confession to make here. I am mildly allergic to honey on my skin and get a burning itching rash from prolonged contact. For those of you who think I must be a bit soft to react to my own product that way, put a bit of honey on a smooth concrete floor, cover it and leave it for a few weeks and you might be surprised what honey will do.
  21. I said I was gonna park this Post .... But ..... back in the day it wasn't like wool wasn't selling, it just wasn't selling at the right price. We haven't talked to 'our' buyer for three seasons. Even if I had wanted to dump it he was too polite to say what he thought it was worth ..... The catch is, when we were selling bulk honey for $9/kg, customers were buying it. What's changed ? The Manuka Standard ? Nah, most of our honey went overseas, and they don't give a fig about NZ's Standard. I guess our customers found something cheaper ..... but as good .... questionable ..... particularly when you look at a video of Chinese Beekeepers ( No offence) ..... New Zealand has always been about quality ..... selling quality food to a segment of the worlds population who can afford to not worry too much about the price. We don't need to compete with the Chinese or the Argentines, or the Canadians. We are better than that. Which I guess leads to the question ... how is @ApiNZ Science & Research going with with shouting out our story to the world ?
  22. Yep .... Ridden a few miles with Cliff ..... a bunch of us went down south one time to Arrowtown. He passed me on the way home in his old Mtzi ute, uphill on the Lindis pass, towing two horses . Good truck that Mitzi ! And yes , he'd know a thing or two about knowing when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em. We are all individuals with individual circumstances .... but dare I say it , generally team work wins the day. And that comes from someone who was never a team player.
  23. Make sure the recipe you settle on agrees with your taste buds!!
  24. i think it’s probably all relative.. and Manuka was twice as valuable as clover for you back then.. my mate down the road used to farm lots of sheep round here many moons ago , he loves to talk about the good old days.. like when the wool value vanished so he hoarded his fadges for years and years just waiting for it to get back to “where it was” Also when interest rates were around 20% and the cockies were walking away from their farms. Some things have changed a lot but lots of things are still the same.. actually I think you know old Cliff @jamesc?? He’s still seen plodding up the road in the saddle once he’s fed out to his beefies
  25. Yep .... I know you Guy's out there are between a rock and a hard place ..... but it's a bit like Covid and self isolation. You guys gotta hold the line, and with cohesion and team work comes the potential to make a living at what we do. When one guy sells for $4.15/kg in new drums, that sets the price. But that is not what our product is worth . Until we have cohesion within the industry NZ Beekeepers will continue to be moaning Price Takers. In the Meantime ..... I am experimenting with various humble pie recipes for Uncle Ted.
  26. what? men need support too https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/Images/Assets/52994/10/ https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-45lmxwliax/images/stencil/550x550/products/972/605/OVR4879-2__08171.1533004931.png?c=2 these ones are quite long. the ones i have at the mo are like a crop top. we nick named them "bras" .........guys in bras
  27. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was getting two dollars for clover and four for manuka. We thought we were made. New truck, new shed, no mortgage. Good times.
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