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  2. Hi @BJC, the most recent research MPI has been involved in relating to tutin was carried out in 2014. This research found that the 2.0 mg/kg limit for tutin needed to be reduced to 0.7 mg/kg to keep honey consumers safe. Other agencies in New Zealand also periodically carry out research, because passion vine hoppers can affect a wide range of plants. Plant and Food Research published an article recently in New Zealand Plant Protection, investigating the survival of passion vine hopper eggs over winter: http://journal.nzpps.org/index.php/nzpp/article/view/37 You can find research like this online, or you could contact agencies like Landcare Research and Plant and Food Research to see what research they are doing. You can also subscribe to the MPI website https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news-and-resources/subscribe-to-mpi/ to be sent automatic updates from MPI.
  3. Hi Rob, the number of insects can fluctuate with seasonal variation, but the nymphs (juveniles) generally emerge between October and December. If you are seeing more scolypopa nymphs or adults in the forage areas for your bees, please ensure you test your honey to check for the presence of tutin.
  4. "Manuka" = NZ ?

    It seems trademarking "Manuka" is a step closer.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/agribusiness/99779992/new-zealand-trademarks-mnuka-honey
  5. Manuka standards

    I recall that @Emissary was pretty good at explaining this stuff.
  6. Clover season

  7. Manuka standards

    Only difference I can see is 2-Methoxyacetophenone marker has gone from 1 to 5 mg/kg. I want someone to explain why the change and what it actually means, but could be a big issue for Sth Is from what I am hearing
  8. Today
  9. Manuka standards

    Might get more south island stuff passing now !!! That would not be a good thing
  10. Manuka standards

    Does anyone know how it differs from the first standard ?
  11. Manuka standards

    Well I’m in the dark I have no idea how that relates to anything in our area, will have to wait to see what others are saying as to how it fits into the scheme of things interesting they didn’t take on board the UMF clubs leptosperin marker or any kind of NPA level. im not happy about labeling every honey box I guess I guess we will start from number 1 and work our way up i hope we don’t have to write down each box number from each site as it goes on the truck for extraction
  12. Clover season

    That made me double take... I thought hmm John Berry that’s not a very PC way to talk, then an instant later I thought ohhh it’s the feathered variety.
  13. Manuka standards

    Found it. Updated today. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/growing-and-harvesting/honey-and-bees/manuka-honey/
  14. Clover season

    Checked some hives yesterday in an area that had had plenty of rain and they were doing almost nothing in fact there were quite a bit better in places where there be no rain at all. Had an interesting drive down to palmy this morning to pick up a Kiwi chick at Massey and it went from green to dry and back again almost paddock by paddock showing how variable rainfall can be from thunderstorms. There is more clover round this year than last year but it is still pretty disappointing.
  15. Manuka standards

    I've received an email announcing the release of the definition. "The final scientific definition for mānuka honey is made up of a combination of four chemical markers from nectar and one DNA marker from mānuka pollen. The combination of markers separates mānuka honey from other types of honey and identifies monofloral mānuka honey and multifloral mānuka honey. From 5 February 2018, all mānuka honey for export will have to be tested and meet MPI’s scientific definition before it can be sold overseas. Information on the specific markers in the final definition can be found on MPI’s website: www.mpi.govt.nz/manuka-honey."
  16. Manuka standards

    That's exciting. Do you have a link or reference for this information?
  17. Manuka standards

    Well we now have confirmation of the level of BS thrown at us from so called experts. The "Manuka" I have that is rich dark flavour, so thixotropic it holds a spoon upright, and has passed all previous tests, is now not even classified as "Manuka Blend" as 2MAP level is only 3, not the required 5. I have no idea how the No 5 was adapted, or their peer reviewed data, but if anyone can explain, be my guest
  18. Manuka standards

    It would appear mpi have finalised the new standard and grex requirements
  19. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    The profile of those who spread AFB is extremely varied and I would certainly not blame it all on the hobbyists as I have known many semicommercial and commercial beekeepers who were hopeless at disease control. Age can pay apart and I have seen peoples beekeeping deteriorate with age but conversely with age also comes experience. I have found the worst offenders tend to fall into three camps. New beekeepers with little or no experience. Beekeepers who for health or other reasons just don't have time to look after the number of hives they have properly. Beekeepers who for whatever reason are not competent at detecting AFB and never will be. Of course we now have corporate beekeepers some of whom manage to encompass all three at once. With the new technology coming online it should soon be possible to economically test batches of honey on extraction and personally I would like to see it made mandatory. It would not identify individual hives but it would sure show who had a problem and enable proper targeting of resources.
  20. Clover season

    There is clover in paddocks but not a huge abundance it this stage
  21. Clover season

    Ok let’s
  22. Yesterday
  23. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    They don’t i meant fill the empty space, so keep gathering nectar rather than having a full honey box above the brood.
  24. Clover season

    Let's have a brown lawn competition
  25. Clover season

    It's going to!!!!!
  26. Clover season

    Mate look how green that is so far I've had 4 drops of rain on the window but cloud is building
  27. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    How do the bees fill the supers from the top down if they fill the bottom one first ?
  28. Clover season

    Rain clouds are not letting their payload go when passing over Putaruru. I even think my lawn is starting to give up. We haven’t had it this dry for at least 4 years. i am not complaining though, I am not focusing on honey this year just making more bees so this weather is ideal for getting queens out flying and successful mating. Just need to make sure the hive keep rearing drones. A few more cuts and the Paspalam will be the only green grass on the lawn.
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