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  2. PMS is not a conclusive indication of high mite load. Especially DWV. Treating a hive with PMS hardly ever reverses outcome. Need to add healthy brood and bees plus treatment. Those rogue bee neighbours are a menace. It only takes a few bombs, and they never responsible. I wonder if we could have legislation like AFB to hold operators accountable.
  3. Yep I can see good possibilities for that treatment where re-invasion is a problem
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  5. When your pulling a treatment out and you see PMS what do you do? Iv had it multiple times, usually every season in certain areas so I alternate and now also give a blast of ox and still lose hives if they're too far gone! My worst was 16 losses out of 24 that had bayvarol put in when I pulled my manuka crop in January, i go to pull my bush honey in late march and also remove the bayvarol, 2 months later hives were collapsing and robbing hardout, Apivar in, come back and only 3 made it from 24!!! That was my worst site of the season but you can see where I'm coming from. I put
  6. This morning was a multi tasking day.. a prep day for Monday.. I shifted some new double Nuc boxes to a site ready for Monday’s job of transferring .. time to cut the cold core flute Nuc box from my outfit.. 36 yrs ago I met Pete.. now pushing 80, he taught me how to catch the wily wild pig.. wearing adidas track pants and a swanny with a 1942 303 bayonet strapped to his waist Pete would tear off through the thick deadly flowering gorse into the Ashley forest leaving me.. a 9yr old behind .. to deal to the notoriously fast running boars that his dogs would catch every weekend.. I would
  7. Think I can feel a drought coming on......
  8. Exceractly.... this year we went back to the synthetic status quo and are mighty pleased.. Even the ‘community’ hives we have in peoples gardens to pollinate thier fruit trees are looking good.... and they tend to suffer from neglect as they are sunday specials.
  9. Yes very annoying, this year just going around the hives for the fist time, Ive lost 3 to queenless drone layers. Got the last half to check over the next couple of days but I'm not expecting anything major there as well. I only run 500 hives, and over the last 5yrs a few hives a yr through drone layers/queenlessness is what I expect, so to lose 50ish last yr was a hell of a shock, so going back to what I find works for me.
  10. When you put treatment in, do you put treatment in for where the brood/bees are at that time, which is generally 1 apisatn, or apivar or 2 bayvarol per 5 frames of bees in the brood box, or do you take into account any brood/bees increase over the treatment time frame?I take into consideration the increase in brood/bees over the treatment time in spring during kiwi pollination and also invasion possibilities from neighbors hives at that time due to the high number of hives in close proximity. In Autumn I want to make sure for the same reason. My treatment cost is no different to some one who t
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  12. Oh, and the mini-conference in Taupo has been cancelled: Hello Everyone, The NZ Beekeeping Mini Conference Committee have advised that as a result of the threat of COVID-19 the Organising Committee has decided to cancel this event. As the Conference numbers exceeded the 100 people gathering threshold, they had to consider how the friendly conference atmosphere would disappear. Due to the need for social distance the decision was inevitable, but the Committee believe the right one to make. They are committed to refunding everyone their money paid and will be in touch to
  13. "Back in the day" they were a lot more than just inspectors. They provided an important extension service for a government that ("back in the day") would overtly support industries to be successful... In later years, parts of the industry castigated them, saying they were only interested in seeing what beekeepers were doing so that they could sell that information overseas. And then, for most purposes, they were gone... Ironically, I have heard NZBeekeeping Inc call for them to be re-instated so that *they* could run/manage the PMP, rather than the beekeeping industry
  14. Yeah Gino, bit of a splash out. We seem to live such hurried lives, sometimes it's nice to do something a little different. Stock agents become friends who guide us through the ups and downs of rural life. Now that we don't do the pub anymore, there are limited opportunities to get the lowdown of what's happening in the industry. Imagine if the Honey Industry had Honey Agents who came around every few months with inside industry intel .... Perhaps in the old days that was the bee Inspector . I wonder what's happening with the mini conference Taupo
  15. Keep a close eye on what's happening. They work but not very reliably. Bees tend to move away from the gibs and loss of bees potential. A lot of unknown, good luck.
  16. That's interesting. Haphazard a guess why? Due to mites or bee numbers dwindling. I think the money put in has a close relationship to money out... So, if your bees are expecting a $1000 beehive return versus $400 then putting extra protection in is insurance. It may seem trifle excessive, but what's another 10k in treatment... I am the other end, where I need to be a bit leaner and meaner. And riskier. Didn't see James feeding his stock agent noodles or rice, cheese and cracker splash out.
  17. Thanks for sharing Katipo, I'm going to have a go! Two questions - how often would you use this treatment, and do you have any idea of the "shelf life" of the strips once they are soaked in solution?
  18. Okay .... so you've doubled the cost of your spring treatment ..... how about after the flow. Interesting that you lost quite a lot of hives with the staples .... But yes , I hear you. I love opening hives in the spring and finding them alive ..... it saves sooooo much work !
  19. Not to my way of thinking. Before I used two different chemicals I used one or the other but treated both boxes anyway, I don't do a third treatment unless I feel the need and that would only be ox dribble. I lost 50 hives last autumn when I tried ox staples, so for me it's a bit of piece of mind knowing that my hives stay looked after. I look at it as another worker helping me look after my hives, just as I do when I get casual staff for honey harvesting etc, I want to know they will work when I'm not there.
  20. Golly.... that is quite an expensive treatment.... right?
  21. No its more of combining brood and bees, than this hive goes on top of this hive.
  22. When your 2 brood boxes get combined after pollination, so you have 4 three quarters and two queens, do two of these 4 become honey boxes? It's not unusual for the 2nds to become the honey supers. Just the sugar syrup and treatment residue could linger
  23. No I have all the brood in the bottom box, treatments are for brood boxes. When chatting to a vet about using the two chemicals in each hive, You would/should use a full dose of each treatment. as I place all my brood in 1 box(the bottom) 4 Bayvarol or 2 Apivar is a full dose. I don't need other strips for the top box as it is not a brood box at the time of placing strips in. But I add another full dose of the other chemical in the top box. But as we know bees move around and a double 3/4 set up is only a 1 &1/2 FD, so I have no problem with the space and dose. The chemicals are alternativ
  24. My hives after splitting have two boxes bottom with brood and top with stores, both boxes have treatment in them as I do in pollination.
  25. Last week
  26. yeah, I'm mostly to blame I think. Sorry for the explosion. However, I still think it is worthy of discussion even if others seem to be a bit bunched up. I understand difficulties of pollination being a mite jamboree, the new bayer gate could be really handy during pollination. I agree let's leave OAG out of the discussion to focus on the main issues. Maybe it is easier to look at Autumn treatments. So I gather that at this point you have a double 3/4 hive that is full of bees immediately after harvest. After harvest you treat, equalise, split, requeen or do whatever is
  27. haha I didn’t know that ! i like your posts ( probably because I agree with most of them ! )
  28. I don't know. It will be interesting in this discussion to hear other experiences & opinions.
  29. I would have thought having two different chemicals in the hive at the same time is basically alternating.
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