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  2. Talking about unsustainable and the near demise of Comvita, it was Comvita that was one of the first to pay high site rents, and has been a driver in high site rents, as a means to drive out other smaller beekeepers and they have been successful at that. Other corporates adopted a similar strategy and some are now in a similar predicament. However, since they have been steadily losing money, and share price is 25% of what it once was, they are clearly spending more money than they can afford. IE, for them, high site rents have not been sustainable, their businesses are self destructing.
  3. Lol define "new Beekeeper" Ive found that while in the company of older folk they will always refer to me as a young fella I can see a time when as a 70YO the 90YOs will still be calling me the young fella
  4. And even that does not always apply. Be glad you did not buy shares in Comvita when it was all looking so rosy. . Some of them corporates don't look especially smart and knowledgeable to me. These are the experts going to take us over? Whodda thunk! . Not sure they are keeping track of 30,000 beehives any more.
  5. I think "too big to fail "only applies to banks .
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  7. FYI https://www.mpi.govt.nz/dmsdocument/34329/direct
  8. While that is logical, in fact it is not a downsizing that will cause the rise of large players and corporates. That was caused by the manuka boom and the resultant upsizing, and some corporates with different ethics to the traditional family owned businesses practise of buying up or squeezing out small players. The claim that the manuka boom has created infrastructure and knowledge, is true, in part. The money has certainly enabled the creation of infrastructure. Knowledge I'm not so sure, a feature of the last couple of decades has been the entry of players with very little knowledge, but they have been able to survive due to the exhorbitant prices their small per hive crops have generated. With prices moving back towards international norms, some of those people will find it tough, and they will be the ones possibly swallowed by larger players, however some of the larger players also suffer from lack of knowledge and are busy downsizing right now, and may end up on the scrap heap also. A problem for even skilled beekeepers working the profitable manuka honey feilds, is the exhorbitant site rents that landowners have come to expect, severely affecting profitability for the beekeeper. As long as there is fierce competition and sites go to the highest bidder / risk taker, the issue will continue. A common feature of human nature is that most people like to think they are just that little bit smarter than the next guy, and overestimate their own ability to outcompete.
  9. I think you correct in this @Alastair, it has been a drawn out event with big changes within the industry and now considerable repercussions for many. The current aftermath event/period we are now in amongst seems to be presumed by many to entail a drastic reduction in hive numbers. I seriously believe this will not be the case. While some will choose to leave the business I believe the large and largest will continue and fill the gaps with vigour thus perpetuating the overstocking (in some areas) we have now. There are issues that need to be addressed to push back against the current behaviours/conduct of the larger aggressive operators who will continue to damage the futures of the others and the diversity of the industry. I fully agree @Philbee. There has been massive investment by some who will continue, I believe with ultimate success in considerable profitability. I don't believe these folk will reduce hive numbers but will fill the gaps created by the current low price for non Manuka honey. A recovery of non Manuka prices will be seen when/after a considerable number of the smaller holdings have been pushed from the scene. The few largest ( and the large) will prevail if left unchecked to continue what is currently being done by way of overstocking and manipulation of the industry. To ensure the survival of the midsize and small operators their is a need for an enforcable code of practice in the field.
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  11. It's a local council. Try the Treaty of Waitangi principles in the LGA and the RMA. The affected parties will let you know their viewpoint. And it's not just the beekeepers. We don't know that lowering hive numbers is necessary; it may just be laziness on the part of beeks not spacing apiaries to manage the resource fairly. @Goran 's post on Alternatives to quotas https://www.nzbees.net/forums/topic/13389-alternative-to-any-hive-quotarights-system/?do=findComment&comment=219463 is an indication of the legislative approach there.
  12. In some areas overstocking occurred well before the manuka boom. Kiwifruit pollination caused a major increase in hive numbers and a proliferation of beekeepers along with hive theft and AFB. Our current problems are just on a bigger scale. On the subject of older beekeepers I think I would prefer to be called a prime beekeeper and perhaps the new beekeepers could be sub-primes.
  13. What you are probably not considering is the existing marketing machine that is right now working to reinstate the Honey market. Like Bees rebuilding broken Comb Manuka created a precedent, its created infrastructure and knowledge, confidence and opportunity. Its caused unprecedented proliferation. To suggest that we are about to step back 150 years is to drastically underestimate Human nature and the world we live in.
  14. The only app that would be useful is one where a hammer smacks you on the head whenever you decide to look at your phone instead of looking through your hives.
  15. Goran in my opinion is a truly neutral and credible commentator whose views are worthy of serious consideration Im not sure what you mean Do you sit down all year at a desk?
  16. You can't beat the notebook and pen
  17. I’m amazed a Vitara got that far
  18. I'm keen to hear feedback on the use of apps in beekeeping. There seems to be a fair few of them. Our company has MyApiary and to be honest I still cant decide whether it improves beekeeping above the old forms of keeping records - notebook and pen.
  19. Appointed commissioners for each territory which rule where can be placed apiaries ( sedentary and migratory) - distance between and numbers. If some not oblige, problem is solved with veterinary inspection followed with " gentle" police escort on the complete cost of person who is in offence.. I just say somewhat we have here ( not to think that it always function, but some order has to exist). I don't know your regulations and real possibilities at your place. But as you describe it, at your place is like in wild, wild west..
  20. I will in a couple of weeks, the first flow for this particular area doesn't start until mid October so I try and wait as long as possible
  21. Hey Raewyn, I'm in Dunedin. I could look at it for you if you want. I'm a retiring beekeeper with a little more time on my hands, so it wouldn't be a problem. Only problem we have is the weather at the moment, Thursday coming is fine but then it turns cold with snow to 600m. Give me a ring or text if you want some sound advice : 027 6258606
  22. much the same as in summer, keep shining those pants
  23. If I have site showing that I do all the hives
  24. Problems that disappear are not always problems solved. They are often just laying low waiting for an opportunity to reappear. A low ebb in the industry is an ideal time for radical change and repair After all isnt that how Beeks have always operated, doing maintenance and making preparations in the off period. What do you do all winter Tommy dave?
  25. Highly unlikely given all the commotion etc about joining Apinz And how is the mooted co-op going I wonder ?
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