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  2. I don't waste my time on that anymore, Can't seem to find any in my age group
  3. Our bee club's aging manual four frame extractor is in need of repairs. In particular, the cup pivot at the bottom of the extractor that holds the spindle that holds the basket for honey frames is worn out (no photo, sorry, but I hope you know what I'm talking about). We are considering putting in a nylon pivot, that has a ball bearing at the base - pic as below. The spindle sits on top of the ball bearing. Has anyone installed this nylon pivot in their extractor and did it work? Reason for asking is that the existing pivot has to be cut out and this is irreversib
  4. I just did a search on "mated queens" on TM and found this. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?search_string=mated queens&user_region=100&bof=CZm4m2WK Good luck.
  5. My queen has left me and now I have a queenless hive. I've been trying to get a hold of a new one through trademe and reddit, but without any luck. Or rather: some may become available 16th of November onwards. Does anybody know any beekeepers that's selling mated queens and that are available sooner? I'm based in Wellington.
  6. Far out you guys! Talk about the village folk being out with the Pitch Forks looking to lynch someone. I have personally worked with a large number of the Comvita Branches and have found all the staff to be very good and capable beekeepers. Just like every business, there are different levels of skill and knowledge. Attack the brand name -sure, I understand that, but to have a go at the staff and the apprentice program is pretty low. In fact I’m disappointed
  7. You should have lots of drones at the moment, that’s normal. Yup you can do that. Just make sure both boxes have ample space for her to lay, you don’t want her in a whole box of nectar with no space for eggs. Most hives will make cups, it doesn’t always mean they are going to use them. Just be sure to check them for eggs. You don’t have to split if you don’t want to, replacing the old queen will stop your hive from wanting to swarm in most cases. It is however always recommended to have 2 hives instead of one, so you can use one to fix the other if
  8. You can put an excluder between the two brood boxes. Then after a few days, the box with eggs will be the one with the queen.
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  10. Time Left: 11 months and 29 days

    • Swarm Collection
    • Swarm Collector

    Swarm Collection Available Kauri, Tikipunga, Glenbervie Brett 0275864777 Koha in Kind.


    - NZ

  11. One of my hives has a lot of drones, queen is 2 years old. The hive is doing well but I want to replace her but can't find her.....can I put an excluder between the 2 brood boxes then get back into the box she will then be in..... should be able to find her then. There are playcups there but I don't want to split yet if I don't have to, would rather they raise a new queen. Appreciate some ideas thanks
  12. I think that overall most swarms are collected by those who started as hobbyist beeks as we are the ones contacted - often though bee groups about local swarms, so we have all developed systems to make it easier - whereas for commercials only catch their own swarms, so can immediately load into own gear without quarantining. I use large styrene bins with mesh panels for ventilation - they are light and large enough to fit around pretty much every swarm - providing they are within reach. I use the usual 10 litre inverted water bottle with bottom cut off on extendable pole for those too high.
  13. I would imagine they would be lining up in droves to apply - if only to write a book.
  14. I quite like putting all the new cell cups into the top feeder and top her up with syrup.... they seem to take quite well when grafted into
  15. Aah... big sigh .....How I love this time of year . The hard work is done. The bees are pumping The adrenalin is running The phone is hot ..... bees coming out of pollination from under nets look like a box of garbage .... the workers got lost on the way home ... no wonder we call them suicide hives. Long lost mates resurface with blocks of potential ... New mates txt to say the Beeman has done a runner to more money What we gonna do ? Chase the hundy kilo at four bucks Or chase the hundy bucks at four kilo,
  16. I took a couple of days off to pick up three Kaka from Hamilton zoo and take them out to Cape kidnappers. Can't say I was impressed with the traffic in Hamilton but had a wonderful night with Michelle and Byron Taylor and their family and on the way up to Hamilton yesterday I stopped at the Tirau Museum which several forum members have recommended. Spent quite a long time chatting with Jeff the proprietor and man does he have a collection of honey tins . He had a honey extractor which he said he used to use all the time and I have never seen one like it. Will try and post a picture tomorr
  17. Cheeky little swarm (about 3kg) collected from Tokoroa this evening. About 6m up, fortunately I have a collection net and extension pole. Still had to stand on the back of my Ute to get at it amongst all the branches.
  18. Sure. I always put the older queen up top. If one queen gets killed, then the worst that has happened is that you did not have to make the selection.
  19. I hadn't considered that. I would have thought that the bees from the bottom brood box might kill the queen in the top box and vice versa. knowing my past mishaps adding a queen to hive that had a little virgin sneaking around.
  20. I have moved the posts about weighing swarms to a new thread.
  21. Ok. So I have split this little section off from the Swarm season thread specially for @Maggie James Here is a couple of photos of my capture buckets and the ventilated lids that I made to keep the swarms alive. The wooden lids are made with 2 layers of 12mm ply with a sandwich of aluminium flyscreen to allow plenty of air into the capture bucket. This allows air for breathing and prevents the bees panicking and stressing themselves to death. The tare weight of the bucket and lid is written on the wooden lids. 1 kg of bees equals about 9000 bees (according to Mr Google)
  22. Last week
  23. The two hives are going well. @CHCHPaul CHCHPauls queeen is settling well. Warm day saturday so bearding on both hives .. all through the night and still some today - tuesday - even after two cooler days. Normal activity both hives and the latest check for swarm and supercedure cells found none. The extra space is working. Watching the new hive its gone from a few bees to busy so i think the extra frames have hatched. A good start.
  24. It's not like they did nothing, there is a philosophical problem. Some Iwi think the word manuka should be trade marked, and I think Shane Jones shares that opinion. But Ngai Tahu, one of the most powerful tribes, is against it. The reason is this. - Many things Maori have been missapropriated, often in an insulting way. For example the face of a respected chief who had an impressive facial tattoo being put on a bottle of beer. Certain Maori words and artwork has been used and abused both here and overseas, and an overseas company tried to trademark some Maori words. So
  25. Tree nursery. No spray. We do have kids in the community garden ... but bees are well back in a fenced area.
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