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  2. I don't know how much you would learn by distance learning. Not hands on
  3. Reducing hive numbers within an operation could be as simple as combining colonies. Removing one of the queens or run them as 2 queen hives, why not you have half the number of hives now. Unfortunately auditing of extraction sheds won’t reduce in cost or frequency. Running a vehicle won’t get any cheaper. Spend a day with staff or the other half to find where you can save time and money within your businesses. “Lean Manufacturing”, look in to it, it really works and it’s amazing how and where you can save time and money.
  4. Any time ! Bike # 3 arrived on the wharf last week, going up to get it soon.
  5. until
    QUEEN CELL PRODUCTION POWERPOINT TUTORIAL FOR PRODUCING LARGE NUMBERS OF QUALITY QUEEN CELLS One-off tutorial for commercial beekeepers & long-term experienced hobbyists. Covering colony selection, feeding & colony stimulation, natural pollen sources, royal jelly, setting up a grafting yard, starter & finisher hives, hive manipulations, cell bars & frames & essential accessories, grafting, breeder stock selection, setting up a polystyrene mini mating nuc, setting up & running mini nuc mating yard & banking queens, portable queen cell carrier, non-portable incubator, basic bee biology, & little tips. Tutorial delivered in simple English, using over 250 slides, plus handout. 9.30 a.m. to approx. 2.45 p.m. with good reviews and feedback. $190 pp. Break for lunch. Please bring your own refreshments & food for the day. Sunday 30 June: Rotorua (day after conference) Bridgman Rm, The Arts Village, 1240 Hinemaru St Other venues considered, if reasonable support for additional tutorials. Pre-registration & payment required on confirmation, internet banking & cheques must be cleared prior. Bookings close five days prior to tutorial or when maximum numbers reached. GST receipt secures your place. No photography. Note taking welcome FOR MORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION PLEASE CONTACT MAGGIE. Ph (03) 324 4482 or mjqueenb@xtra.co.nz & r24 4482 ore information & registration please contact Maggie. Phone: (03) 324 4482 Email: Maggie April 201915534.docx ABC Editorial.docx
  6. Uh huh ..... and the varroa.
  7. Yeah ... Nah Bro .... no new gear this year ...... but ...... I was fiddling around with pollen traps today. I figure I need to make 1000 traps to keep the bees entertained next summer. Oh .... and the Can Am died again on the w/e .... so the missus went shopping for a Suzuki Quad to crank up the farming operation. The Suzi's seem to have quite good deals at the moment. And ..... Oh yes ..... this is the Biggy .... I've got a test ride booked in on the Dream machine this week so I can catch up with Yesbutt for a latte in Murch when it is'nt raining. So yes Maru .... we is getting new gear .... Fun gear !!
  8. Things must be getting hard, nobody got new gears this year?
  9. Nah ..... I'm gonna retire and ride a motor sycle on the nice days ! Fancy a latte in Murch ?
  10. @CHCHPaulthen laying is in full swing. You have to watch the stores.
  11. Not sure what the answer is Mr NucMan. I have been mulling over the concept of mothballing hives, but I'm not sure how to do that ..... perhaps by not making up the deads in the spring and melting out combs, but while the price of wax is up there, after this morning conversation the buyers are getting reluctant to buy, prefering to trade to settle accounts and leave the balance on tick to to cover spring varroa treatements. My crystal ball tells me not to panic..... too much. Bees don't only make honey. they produce health giving substances like venom, royal jelly, pollen, propolis. ..... alter the angle of vision into the crystal ball ..... in a world of health nuts and eco living ..... remember the village in China where the average age of the inhabitants was about 120.... they had lotsa bees and sold the good honey and ate the garbage stuff full of pollen and bees legs ..... if you wanta live to 120 yo. Our own plan B involves scaling the bees back, reducing the energy that goes into running them and putting more time into other options. Beekeepers always need options for times like these. .... whether that be a farm, a rental property, or a skill that is in high demand ..... truck driving, fixing stuff that always breaks , or being a dreamer and following that dream. The important thing is not to be scared of the change. To quote the truck sign I saw when on a pushbike safari of the Sub Continent a while ago ....' Bread is life, and life is a journey. Travel it.'
  12. Still building leaky homes up here, in spite of the Council Building permit process which costs an arm and a leg, and much of the inner city cost of subdividing prohibits many of the subdivisions of existing urban sections being completed. For example, one large section with house in Browns Bay could as of right be subdivided into three under the city plan, but after family had worked it out, found they could spend $180,000, and still not have it finalised. It is hard for the rest of the country to understand the sheer evil and stupidity of a 'super city'.
  13. A late model house will last a heck of a long time.
  14. If that is your wish, you might be out of luck this next time round, cos Jacinda is engaged and one would presume is going to tie the knot. Media are going to love that as a pre election lead up. Perhaps we could bee-inspirational and suggest a honey and api-themed occasion; raising awareness of our industry.
  15. I have seen this before we just change the base, scrape wax off in front of hive hope this helps
  16. agreed you especially don't want to risk a robbing debacle. But even 'attempted robbers' will go home at sunset, so if it is done late afternoon an hour before sunset, the Nuc's can be collected after sunset if it is a home situation and now that it is a bit chilly in most places bees will not want to hang around overnight. Taking a double brood hive down to only one box for winter, we did more or less the same thing the other day with largely empty frames that had a skerrick of honey across the top.
  17. Yesterday
  18. 10am on a cold, but sunny, Chch morning and the pollen is pouring in.
  19. Hello. Nikki. I'm Koharu.Did you find my friend I phone!!?! Please contact me.
  20. Yes, similar situation with the urban sprawl in what was rural Auckland, the hive carrying capacity is dropping all the time, and many of the developments have better than 90% site coverage with roading, buildings and paving. It's not how kiwis want to live, and many of the newbuilds will rot out fast enough to be replaced fairly quickly, sadly having demolished the bulk of the earlier homes built of heart native timbers which are routinely dumped into landfills.
  21. For us on the Plains, intense dairying has lowered honey production, necessitating long haul. It's like a plague in one of the biggest clover & brassica seed production areas in the world! Not to mention our carrot and berry pollination. Then there is urban sprawl, exacerbated by post quakes. Also road berms must now be mown.
  22. I believe that one of the large local suppliers have noticeably reduced front line staff, and I would think that with any sort of sanity the sales of flatpack hiveware will drop hugely as people rationalise hive numbers.
  23. There is also changes in land management , pasture plants, crops planted and bush clearing I wonder how the equipment suppliers are coping too. There will have to be a bit of rationalization there as well .
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