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  2. I do 3 rounds of treatments, 3 rounds of feeding etc, I can probly run my hives at $200 a hive so thats 140,000 to run 700 hives, what is everyone else running them at? I try and keep my hives running as best as possible so put alot of effort into them, probly going to run at a big loss this season with only 240 boxes from my manuka crop which may not pass the tests so what to do? Was thinking maybe tick up a 7 ton digger and do jobs on the side to keep funds coming in or maybe get into package bees.
  3. You both have pm on the new forum, but rather than posting phone numbers in topics for everyone to see, you should be using your profiles please. This site rule is there for your protection Glad to see you worked it out anyway
  4. I've txted. Tried pm as well but couldnt. I'm crap at spotting queens but can pull frames while you look. However if there are eggs, larvae etc that would indicate the queen... those I can spot the box with no handles .. what if it becomes bottom brood box. Never shifted again. Put current brood box above it. I think I have 4 spare frames .. never used. I could bring them out and make a 9 frame honey with your five spare frames.
  5. Tried to PM you but couldn't Hopefully I haven't frightened you off! If you can be bothered to come out this way,you will need directions. Just Incase you decide yes here is my number
  6. Wow! Lovely offer. I would love that. Having said that,I am in a muddle. I have a spare 10 frame box and 5 xtra spare frames and a box with no handles!!! Hopeless!! .My plan was originally to steal from another hive that I was trying to transfer into FD. Then nearly broke my ankle... then hand. Sorry I am suddenly very overwhelmed and useless! We could at least put one box on? Check to see who is most desperate? I also have one hive that would love to see if they made a queen or not? Absolutely any help would be oh so appreciated.
  7. Update. Requeened but 2 days after inserting cage found new queen deceased in cage. So possibly a new virgin queen was already there. I have decided to leave them bee and see if they produce a new queen if their own - this colony has successfully done that in the past.
  8. @Wildflower I could put the boxes on your hives this weekend if needed. Eyrewell .. near ohoka and eyrewell forest?
  9. Can't see any big hole or a digger in the pic, suppose we're not getting a homogenising tank yet....
  10. This discussion is now continued on the new forum, link here - https://forum.nzbees.net/threads/aussie-beekeepers-fight-for-manuka.38/
  11. yeah sry through the honey well sump auger first than through the heat exchanger than hummer
  12. So this honey will join the mountains in the shed awaiting the right price, am I right?
  13. Pulled a heavy load of honey off coast bees last week. Just hanging out for the sun in Canterbury.... Tipped 30 ml of rain out of the guage this morning.
  14. My understanding is historically with post colonisation, no matter what the ethnic group in NZ, manuka was manuka. If Australians reverted to a non indigenious common name such as Ti Tree or Tea Tree for a varietal that was not Leptospernum scoparium, well I guess that's their choice.
  15. the aussie beeks (*want to) believe manuka is the aboriginal word for all tea trees.
  16. Beer economy
  17. Yo Yo weather down here too, had awesome Rata flowering, but not so many days for the bees to get it. Still working on getting the crop in and hoping for some good weather for the clover....
  18. I understand that there has been a huge body of work and legal expense on the New Zealand side of this debate and my belief is that the name Manuka will eventually gain a protected geographical status unique to New Zealand. I believe the Australian Aboriginal word for Tea Tree is Kalara. This should be used for Australian product if they no longer want to use Jelly Bush. I have tasted the Australian product many times. It is fundamentally different. The taste and texture are nothing like Manuka. From the perspective of looking at global growth of Manuka, I believe internationally it is dangerously confusing to the consumer when Jelly Bush/Kalara carries the same name as genuine Manuka.
  19. Quality will be well down around here with only 50%flowering and Yo-Yo weather.
  20. PS .... Mr Blueskie?s suggested more of the same East coast cloud and drizzle for the next six weeks ..... lotsa rain north of Kaikōura , including NorthIsland ..... bit of sun on the coast.
  21. Pulled a heavy load of honey off coast bees last week. Just hanging out for the sun in Canterbury.... Tipped 30 ml of rain out of the guage this morning.
  22. Maybe I should plant some . Things that are weeds other places just grow normally here .
  23. It's not the right time of year for reproductive swarming, I'd think they were supersedure. Sometimes spare bees build these cells and don't do anything with them. Some beeks call them play cells. The bees probably know something about their Q that you don't. You mention a Q cell with grub in it. If it was my hive I'd leave them alone to do their thing, maybe have another look in a couple of weeks..see what happens.
  24. Hi all, I am very new to bee keeping & noticed a few different cells popping up in my hive in the last check... I'm wondering if you can please tell me if the photo shows the beginnings of swarm or supersedure cells? From what I can find in books/online, they are supersedure cells, but I am hoping to find out if I am correct in thinking this or not I also found a queen cell right at the bottom of one of my frames with larva in it (not pictured). I have a queen currently with a blue marking so I believe she was hatched early last year, and there is plenty of brood in my hive. Thanks in advance, Georgia
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