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  2. Also contributes to grumpy bees, grumpy beekeeper, grumpy farmer, grumpy public. Also contributes to decline in hive strength & deaths. Sometimes to queen deaths when inspecting hives. Robber bees will hone in on her
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  4. I suppose it was a sort of brand .... it was a brand of survival for half the industry.
  5. Oh ya. I remember that now. 😄
  6. Thank you guys for the guidance. New idea. When I put the treatment into the hive I'll swap the middle box for the top box(to have the honey in the middle). Maybe I should add one more QE, below top box then to keep the queen in the 3rd box. Two months later when I'll remove the treatment, I'll also swap bottom box for top box(there will be no queen in the middle box). Also I'm considering to keep swapping bottom box for top box every 6 weeks in the winter. Does it make sense? Yes, I can do a split too.
  7. bought some propolis capsules from a "proudly 100% new zealand owned " company last year , only to find they were not supporting other NZ owned businesses and using imported propolis in their capsules, needless to say, I will never buy another product from that Co again .
  8. faceless bureaucrat - work for a regulator, think i've posted about it on here before when phil assumed i was some guy he knew at mpi. I'm not at mpi. Nothing to do with honey either..
  9. What Mummzie and Grant said. However if you do want to use the bees you can move them to a site out of flying range, preferably give them some brood, then a few days later you can give them a queen. At an extracting shed I know that gets a lot of robbers, they vacuum them up at the windows and start mating nucs with them. But really, allowing robbing is bad. Nobody knows how bad it can be till they did it and learned. You have now learned. Doing that to somebody elses bees is poor practise, the bees are just doing what comes naturally, but as per Grant, you are passing whatever diseases your bees may have, to them. If nobody allowed robbing, there would be no spread of AFB. Robbing IS bad, our beekeeping practises should be designed around making sure it does not happen.
  10. I wouldn't have thought that was good practice as it encourages the robbing and could contribute to spreading AFB.
  11. Well we got hailstones that bounced and then melted then became steam. That was yesterday now however it is dry again.
  12. its robbing season @Snap and you were providing easy pickings. Its easier to get the bees to do the cleanup work after extraction. Place a board on the hive with one or two small holes (10mm drill) Ideally put an empty box on that, then the box with the extracted frames and make sure the top board is totally sealed- no external entry. That way the bees take the honey from the wets and stores it in the hive- leaving you with clean dry frames to store securely for winter away from wax moth.(and bees) That wont be a swarm- just a lot of robbers. When you let them out they will return to their hive...but will be back to check if you have cleaned up yet. Your best course of action is to remove anything honey or wax and keep doors closed for a few days.
  13. Who did you work for Maru? If i didn't run to open the gate, probably get a boot in the backside.
  14. No they just didnt want to promote another company/brand of honey, that had no plan or idea as to our it was going to change anything. If they gave them money then all the other honey companies/brands would have their hand out as well. The difference with other industries is that they go looking for money to push Brand (insert industry here)NZ for the greater good of their members, not a particular operator.
  15. Good story Tommy, what do you do for a job?
  16. Hey guys, recently I extracted couple boxes of honey and with many thxs from members here helping me with some tips! anyway the empty frames were leave inside the garages and Some1 leave the back door open! (Wife) Lol... I came back from work and the wife was scream for help lol..I opened the garage door and heaps! I mean heaps of bees roaring at the honey boxes! Slipped on the protected gear and move the boxes out the back yard! Now the next morning there were more bees coming for the honey! so I decided to Try to steal these bee! I place on the plastics base with close entry and used the top board with the 4 corners exit entry and turn it upside down so the bee can entry the hive Can’t exit back out! I mean it was a massive bee gathering, I have trapped bee swarm before but this time iam not too sure if it’s a swamp cause I don’t think there any queen with it! But it was a big gathering.. I know it abit too late this time of the season for getting fresh brood..would introducing a new queen worth trying? or should I merge these bee with my old lot?
  17. No it wasnt comfrey, it had an aniseed smell flavour.
  18. play. I live in wellington these days. Not sure how much longer, world is pretty big. Lived in dunedin a while (2009-15), and have good mates living in my house down there - hence the couple of hives that work in absentia cos people are plenty capable of under-supering a hive when asked based on guesswork and weather. Also why they're run without excluders. Air NZ grab-a-seat alerts means it normally costs about $100 return to get there for a weekend. I could probably figure out how many times the hives have been opened in five years, seems to work alright. Two swarms the first year as i was figuring things out, both got caught via remote instruction My sister, my mum and her partner, and my dad and his partner all live in taranaki = where i lived until i left at 17. So I'm up there a bit too - especially when my three year old niece needs to go tramping and her younger brother isn't up to much walking yet. Hence the apiary up near the national park. Growing the on-call beekeeping crew up there too - helps that any honey they want comes in ten litre servings...
  19. Maggie - think it well past the time for you to start a thread - Show us your recipe.
  20. I don't want to be a dampener ..... but we got snow as well . Stunningly beautiful.
  21. Sounds like me as a young fella, carting thousands of full depth honey boxes to the truck, used to run when doing the gates And was keen every day.
  22. I have no idea 😊 .... I'm gonna find that truck photo one of these days.
  23. Hmmmm ...... soo .... to all those struggling Bee keepers , conserve your resources , Iive mean ,go eat lentils and rice and be ready to ride the Big Wave when it hits.
  24. a few years back a cousin of mine asked my views on her plan to quit her design job to try and make a go of it as an artist. That was a few years after i'd quit some job to go play poker. I advised her to become familiar with cooking and eating good food with rice and lentils as the foundation. Fast forward about seven years. She's still making a go of it as an artist, i traded the poker gamble for a desk job, and kept my house
  25. Yeah nah .... turned out alright . Always does. Hot oil , throw in a bit crushed garlic, turmeric, cumin and coriander , stir fry some silverbeet in butter and you got yourself one hell of a low cholesterol, vegetarian feed. If you feel real creative, boil up some spuds, throw some sesame seed in a hot pan til they start to pop, grind and then throw them , the spuds, bit more turmeric for colour into a pan with a smidgin of hemp oil and give a brief stir. The health food of Beekeepers. Seven days a week, never fails. We are still alive ! For a bit of variety, throw in some venison ..... but the boys have been a bit slack lately.
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