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  2. Dennis Crowley

    AP2 mandatory inspection

    Would like to adjust your thinking Trevor, I suspect that it would be a similar percent of both commercial and hobbyist don't report as that is human nature, the question is who poses the worst risk'
  3. Jean MacDonald

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    Well after checking the hive and finding not a scherrick of brood with the classic hive roar looks like we have a new queen who was busy being mated. Phew cos thought I might have squished the old girl, but the practice cups had all been torn down except one so was hopeful. Looks like they are building up to swarm again so steps taken and fingers crossed. Nice solid brood pattern but may be some disagreement among sister groups as bit of crazy comb going on still. Must be this hive's thing.
  4. Almost certainly from same hive. It's possible they're from somewhere else but I think they're probably yours. I've never seen a double swarm distant from a bunch of hives. In the photo they don't look like big swarms, so they've probably got virgin Qs.
  5. I found 2 swarms today in my apiary, about 1 m apart, one larger than the other, both low down and on easy to cut branches. I put them into seperate Nuc's. The larger one had an unmarked queen which I caught and transfered to the nuc box before shaking in the bees. I'm not sure whether the second swarm had a queen. A few hours on, both seem happy in the nuc boxes. My first swarm captures 😀 Swarms top left (ball), bottom right (along branch). Q1) Would the swarms likely be from the same hive, or separate?. Q2) is it likely that the swarm(s) came from elsewhere - not my apiary?. With both swarms being on the edge of my apiary, I naturally thought that they were swarms from one or two of my hives. I can think I have alabi's for each hive. I have: 1) 1 x FD with autumn (marked) queen laying well - so the larger swarm was not from that queen. 2) 1 x FD which had 12 Queen cells a week or two ago - I kept 2 in the hive, created a few 2 frame splits in my queen castle, and removed the rest. 1 or both queens would have emerged a week ago. Although I'm leaving them to themselves for now, I had a quick peak today and there are loads of bees and stores in the hive, similar to when i checked two weeks ago. So I don't think the volume of bees could come from that hive. QC) Queen castle with 4 x 2 frame splits 2 have new laying queens, 2 had queen cells, will leave for a few weeks before knowing if they are queen right. Had too few bees to be either swarm, and entrance activity is similar to the last few weeks. Nuc 1) An early spring split, queen laying well, still with the same amount of bees. As always, thoughts and advice much appreciated...
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  7. CraBee

    New Zealand swarm dates for season 2018/19

    This season so far. Last season was 20 from 14 sites. One here one there. Super super strong hives last year things not quite the same this season. I also did more pre-emptive splitting this year through mid to late Sept.
  8. Jean MacDonald

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    Some people spend that much on a sewing machine but that foundation came out looking nice. Will pay dividends in it's own way. Did you find it easy to use? With the cost of foundation as well as costs of attaining it such as petrol, a coffee from the petrol station, feeding the troops who have been roped into accompanying you, another purchase not accounted for (possibly a bribe for the family miscreant to behave themselves) I would figure this purchase as a money saver.
  9. Beefriendly

    NZBF 18+ Emergency cells in one hive

    I plan to have a quick peek in the FD Nuc, probably on Friday to check they have some Q cells. Worst case scenario, it can integrate back with the parent hive. It’s the 3/4 Nuc and hive going forward that is my goal...
  10. Great reading. When I did this last year i was advised against checking for queen cells for the risk of damaging them. So this year I haven’t disturbed the rescue nuc now for three weeks, one week to go until I check for eggs/queen. So will be interesting to see what happens.
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  12. Mummzie

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    Its not about point scoring at all. Each to their own. I agree with a lot of @yesbut comments about the material world, the need for money, the environment. I'm non commercial, so never have enough wax to sell for foundation making. This is about not wasting the products I take from the hive. Foundation making will never make financial sense, but nor does beekeeping at hobby level. We all amuse ourselves somehow...Some take the road less travelled to get coffee, some plant extensive gardens, some sew, and all of us keep bees.
  13. Beefriendly

    NZBF 18+ Emergency cells in one hive

    Side by side activity at 1230... I managed to get an ansy guard bee caught in my hair, while getting the photos.🤔Hasty retreat, with a very cross bee...Both parties escaped unscathed. Whew
  14. Beefriendly

    NZBF 18+ Emergency cells in one hive

    You’ll do well to take note of @M4tt. I’m privileged to have had his input and mentoring along with others on the forum....
  15. Wow thank you for sharing what’s happening at your place. It is a relief not to be alone in learning, watching and waiting....M4tt’s right I need to reduce not induce chances of robbing, and I can, if I take feeders off now and move splits to other side of house tonight. I’m going to watch out for your updates Beefriendly ...it will be interesting 😊...I’m at least a year behind you in skills and knowledge, small steps required at my end, like reading the great resources.
  16. Jean MacDonald

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    Since beekeeping has been compared with the "Wild West" how about a "Counting Coupe" with scoreboard? It only became scalp taking when the government got involved and paid for proof of a kill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counting_coup
  17. Now you’re getting the idea of beekeeping . Good work 😊
  18. Beefriendly

    NZBF 18+ Emergency cells in one hive

    @GoED you are not alone in your learning, watching and waiting.... Thank you for your transparency, sharing and feedback I checked our 4 hives on Saturday pm. There is x1 going to friends of our daughter in a few days time...this is really needing a 2nd box, but I’m wanting to keep it to a single box for now. I took a frame of capped brood out and replaced it with a waxed frame..keep them busy What to do with the frame? On my strongest hive, to keep that queen busy, she had a 3rd box, placed on 5/10. Of course not wanting to make things easy, I want another 3/4... The configuration was Bottom box x10 FD, 2nd box, mix of FD with x4 3/4. QEx, then FD box on top with x4 frames of brood from the 2nd and made up to 10 with 3/4 frames. 14/10 queen had laid in x1 of the 3/4 frame, . They had drawn drone comb , as to be expected below on 2 of the 3/4 frames... A bit more shuffling around. On the 20/10. Queen has been busy and things are progressing nicely.. Hive reconfigured to x2 FD, QEx 3/4 box with frames of capped brood,frames with eggs and nectar. The plan is the girls above the QEx to think they are queenless and produce some Queen cells, so I can then transfer it to a 3/4 Nuc in a few days time. Meanwhile there’s the frame of brood...hmm It’s probably quite an unorthodox method. I made up a FD Nuc of x5 frames. Waxed frame, Stores, FD with eggs, Capped FD, Drawn out frame and sat it alongside the FD hive I gave it a good shaking of nurse bees. The queen had been previously found and I made sure she was in box 1 of the parent hive “will be interesting”, was a comment made, when I updated by bee buddy. I left the entrance on vent for 24 hrs, then opened it to let some pent up bees. It’s since been reduced to 1-2 bee width.. The bees of the parent hive are showing no interest in the Nuc..I’m on alert for robbing, although the foraging bees are busy on a nearby lemonwood. so we’ll watch, wait and hope the nurse bees are busy doing their thing....
  19. That all makes a whole lot of sense M4tt, will happily follow that advice. Will remove splits feeders now and move splits to opposite end of the property from the parent hive this evening. 😊 Have a wonderful Labour Day everyone.
  20. I would . Far easier not to try and induce robbing to start with The point is , all the flight bees that you put in the splits, remember where home is and now see the split as a very easy food supply , so will rob it. One thing that can help is to move the splits away from direct sight of the parent hive. That way , the flight bees leave the split, head out and forage , and return to the home hive, perhaps not realising they didn’t leave from home in the first place . It’s not 100%, but it helps . Right next to the parent hive guarantees they see the split as a food resource that needs taking back home Queenless hives are vulnerable to robbing at the best of times, and add to that the disruption to the age breakdown of bees , and they’ll get robbed . My queenless splits go far away from the parent hive , or if staying close, contain the queen
  21. CHCHPaul

    October 2018 Apiary Diary

    We need a “touché” button!
  22. I can take the feeders off the splits for a week? Will make sure entrances are very small.
  23. Yes there is an indecent flow on! My mentor must be confident I can pull it off keeping the splits here at the other end of the property with a degree of management...it must be possible in our particular conditions. Before this emergency and split, the parent hive’s brood box was chocka block and its super was chocka block with honey and in the process of being capped. This super would have needed to have honey frames lifted out and empty drawn frames inserted later this week anyway, or another super put on top. We’re flanked by native and exotic flora. I have spent 10 months cramming an amphitheatre of 800sqm with flowers beneficial to bees, and beside that is a native reserve full of established pohutukawa and other natives, no exaggeration. Yesterday my field bees were going nuts on an 8m tall Puka at the corner of property. I’m suspecting the feed is there...feed has been constant right through winter with various plants coming online each month. It’s the Bay of Plenty....🤭
  24. Nice work you are doing well. JUST - make the entrances on the new splits small, real small. Feeding syrup to a new split makes them very prone to getting robbed, personally I do not feed syrup to a new split for at least a week so they got time to get organised first. However, it's done, so just reduce the entrance size down to a couple of bees wide so they can defend it, you can start widening it up in a week, long as there is no robbing.
  25. Dear Administrator thank you so much for amending my topic heading 😊
  26. Update: 18+ cells now 6 cells....all 3 hives now have only the 2 best emergency queen cells left in each one. Small or crowded emergency cells were culled. The emergency cells left, were by themselves amongst brood, so they didn’t need to be touched at all. I was careful lifting all the brood frames in and out so I’m hopeful none were damaged. I flanked the frames containing emergency cells with more brood and then flanked that with honey and pollen frames in all three hive’s brood boxes. On the parent hive I have left a super on top of the brood box containing frames being filled with honey. The parent hive is still a two box hive. Empty drawn frames or partially drawn frames were interspersed with the uncapped honey frames on the parent hive to replace the honey frames I took to put into the nuc hive and the new split full box hive. I had a super nearly full of honey in the process of being finished and capped so this has been distributed amongst three hives. All three feeders had syrup poured into them last night. The nuc frame feeder had about 500ml poured over pine needles. The one brood box split had 2L of syrup put into the top feeder with bee guard on. The parent hive had 3L do syrup put into the top feeder with bee guard on. My mentor prefers full top feeders probably because he doesn’t get back to his hives on a daily basis, Trevor Gillbanks prefers small feed amounts mimicing honey flow because he can get to his hives daily. I’m a hobbyist so it’s no trouble for me to dribble syrup in daily and that approach makes great sense. ( I will buy a top feeder for my nuc at Te Puna Farmlands as soon as the holiday weekend concludes) ... I’m attempting to be logical; reasoning that the bees had been so disturbed yesterday, that a feed might support them bringing order back to their colonies without them being forced to rob or work hard to feed themselves. I know they will still forage as well. I had top feed my parent hive two night ago when I initially split the hive, and they had gobbled it all overnight. Next step: I will resume reading the Easy Beekeeping resource, watch Trevs bees YouTube videos and refer back to Beekeeping in NZ and my other beekeeping texts, and read the forums. At present all three hives have FD and 3/4 frames mixed together. What a mess. So reading and watching how to seperate them out into FD brood and 3/4 super will be on the list. Robbing will first on the reading list. All your feedback here has made a huge difference. My hives have a better chance of getting through the year with a new beek because of this fabulous website and community. I hope at some stage I can join in and return some support without it being a dud. The learning curve continues 😉
  27. kaihoka

    Varroa Treatment

    I have just taken out apivar. However there is such a flow on already that the bees have started to cap some honey frames in a top 3/4 super . I have marked them and will take them out to be fed back to the hive later when they have finished capping them . They will probably need them . No rata this year .
  28. Unless there's a decent flow on . Then they will ignore the nuc .
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