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  2. How about now? Be some shiny arshes who will become manual outdoor converts very soon.
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  4. I've had 3 calls in the past two days about swarms of bees around people's houses. They're in the same are so I'm not sure if it's one swarm on the move or someones hives are in real trouble.
  5. I have never seen hoppers on the tutu and have not seen the black mould . I have seen it on other plants in my garden , along with the hoppers .
  6. so far as I know the @yesbut and @dansar are correct. It has to be said that every part of the bush is poisonous and a couple of mouthfuls will kill a 350kg cow regardless of latitude. Sheep apparently never make this accidental mistake. But the passion vinehopper only operates in the 'upper portion of SI and all NI sucking the sap just as it does on passion fruit vines and anything else it can get into. The poo's and wee's of the hopper are called dew and this builds up and does go mouldy. So the black stuff is surplus dew. Bees only collect vine hopper dew if there is no nectar around and this is happening in the dry areas where nectar producing plants are dehydrated and have nothing left to give. So, for the honey it takes a number of things to align before it can happen, (as we all know) but as I said, our club has been having some 5x composite fail tests among hobby bk's who don't sell. By eliminating the most risky sample and doing a retest we have been able to figure it out with all samples below 0.70 so far. But looks like a worse than normal year.
  7. The juvenile leaf hopper (nymph stage) chews on the tutu plant feeding on the sap. It then excretes the sugary substance that then goes mouldy. Bees collect the excreta, tutai of the nymph.
  8. No,it is the sooty mould that grows on the plant similar to the mould on the black beech and the manuka and the vinehopper feeds off that. This is what I believe happens. I may be wrong who knows
  9. You won't see tutu "dew " without the sucking hoppers....they're just like beech scale insect, they suck the tutu sap out of the plant and excrete dew with the nasty tutin in it.
  10. Isnt tutin the sap that causes the problem . So I was looking for signs of the sap .
  11. Had the lowest tests for a number of years for all of our drums (20T) until the last harvest in March which came in just over the limit.
  12. Last night Old Mate commented that his bees were getting light, so today Boy and I went to check a yard that was very light last month The arvo was warm ... bees buzzing , and had made wages.... And the hills were alive with a big stag.... somewhere.
  13. Maybe they have read the MPI info Or the bees could be just sticking to their bubble (colony).
  14. I have never seen so many vine hoppers as this yr . I check the tutin regularly but have not seem them or bees on it .
  15. Tutu just loves pumicey ashy riverbed/banks
  16. Rotorua - Tarawera always been bad for tutin,
  17. Tutin Tests: Our club has had two fails on 5x composite tests this season. We are getting retesting done that shows so far the Tutin was there but not enough to be a fail for individual samples. But in comparison to previous years, it seems clear that this year is a Tutin year. Zero for urban Tauranga, Heaps for Rotorua-Tarawera, Looks like also heaps for Taupo/Turangi. Not sure further afield, but Matata has prior form when it comes to Tut. Do you agree or is it just some localised unlucky cases?
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  19. That may have been what has caused the robbing. I would certainly not feed until just on dusk. Were the bees robbing before you started to feed. What type of feeders are you using
  20. Old mate from Kirwee Bees messaged me this evening. Asked if I'd been moving bees around the district as the bees had gone berserk and were robbing anything and every thing. I assured him that I had spent the last two weeks working on my infrastructure project .... but at smoko this afternoon I received a call from a cow cocky saying he couldn't get into his pump house on account of the bees. Could I come and sort it ? Seeing as I hadn't been out of the yard for almost three weeks I took the opportunity and went for a look see. I parked up on the road side and was immediately taken by the amount of bee activity on the road side ..... a bit like when you stop the truck for a cup of tea on the way home with a load of honey , and all the bees in the boxes mill around the truck and get left behind ..... The bees were hitting the transformer by the pump shed which was just twenty metres into the paddock. Manically hitting it with no regard for life or limb. I know the bees are on a major robbing spree at the moment. We have two hundred up on the bush behind the the honey shed. They are getting shifted out tomorrow. Maybe the transformer has something sweet in it ...?
  21. Private use adjustment in accounts?ūüėĄ
  22. I will check for a queen and then decide if I can risk combining hives. Thanks I have added syrup and pollen patties when I put strips in so the others should be OK for now
  23. Hey @Maru Hoani how about a piccie of the whole thing ? On the show your truck thread of course..
  24. Glad to see its serving you well Maru. Crane is definitely handy. I used it to lift a piano into my house.
  25. ever home should have one ,so many uses.
  26. if the hive has no laying queen and brood to feed it will full up with honey. you may need to feed your other hives. i could say you could give the honey to the other hives, but i would be shot down in flames for encouraging disease spreading bad practice
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