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  2. beehive price tracking

    They didn’t stick around for long ! Yes I think there will be more businesses getting out but on the back of the Manuka standard rather than another poor season
  3. beehive price tracking

    Give it six months and you will get to pick and choose
  4. beehive price tracking

    Just splash out and buy a new setup. As soon as you use it, it will be second hand anyway. Go for new with all the latest gizmos and warranties.
  5. Today
  6. beehive price tracking

    What I'm really hanging out for is for a second hand extractor and pricker to come on the market ....
  7. Manuka standards

    Yes I think there’s going to be a whole lot more blending than we have ever seen before.
  8. Multiflora Manuka prices

    Does this pass the Manuka standard ? if it’s not Manuka it doesn’t matter what the NPA is unless it’s close enough to be Manuka to blend it with something that passes the test without bringing the whole batch below the standard.
  9. Multiflora Manuka prices

    So how much do you think this would be worth? Iv also got higher stuff that I haven't been able to get a price per kg for.
  10. honey storage shed

    Other industries have tried outsourcing audits or allowing self audits and that played a part in the leaky building disaster. That said, the above stories are really bad and read like being caught in a protection racket. How do you get the system changed and what does it need to change to?
  11. Manuka standards

    Blend it ?
  12. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Sure are.. we never got the predicted wind at all. Was a serious drenching though. Shifting bees around today was exciting with 200mm dumped on the farms, made a bit of a mess of some tracks and paddocks.
  13. Manuka standards

    @Merk, looking at your “weak as” kanuka the 3pla is over 800 and according to MPI the standard for multi floral Manuka is less than 400 so I don’t think it could labeled as any type of Manuka ?
  14. Harvest declarations

    Combinations of 10 for Tutin? Only need to break down if there is a problem. Not a lot of Tut in quite a few places these days but still a lot in others!
  15. Multiflora Manuka prices

    Isn’t multifloral Manuka supposed to have a 3pla of less than 400 ? At least I think that’s what it says on MPIs website. Monofloral Manuka 3pla needs to be 400 or more, multifloral needs to be over 20 but less than 400 ?
  16. Harvest declarations

    You must spend a fortune testing.
  17. Multiflora Manuka prices

    Has anyone been able to sell low grade multiflora Manuka? What would you think this is worth?
  18. beehive price tracking

    I remember phoning the club secretary who had promised all the new Beeks a free swarm and saying, Hey whats with all the trademe Nucs selling at $200? She told me that whatever I do, dont pay $200 for a Nuc. Deciding to go against her advice I bought a few at $200 and even pushed the boat out and grabbed some at $225 On a roll I then paid a record price of $800 each for about eight double box hives. I got a real grilling from her and this other experienced Beek at a club meeting She accused me of being a AFB risk and the experience Beek suggested that I may never be able to pass the AFB course. I never went back to that lot and never will. What did I learn from all this? The price you pay for a Hive is irrelevant The best hives Ive ever seen and followed through the seasons were from that high priced group of 8 They have now mingled in with the rest but my cousin still has one with a direct line to the original Queen and its been a great Hive. Choose your mentors carefully
  19. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    So are the panels still there .?
  20. beehive price tracking

    My brain would block my body from eating crickets . Unless I was on survivor and there was a million dollars in it.
  21. For Sale Bee hives for sale

    We also have nucs for sale as well $220 incl gst.
  22. beehive price tracking

    Yes A one Kg packet of dry bees, Queen included, $200 Six pack salted Queens (mated) $100, Virgins cost extra. Drones for lead in pencil, special deal $2000Kg
  23. beehive price tracking

    The next focus should be on promoting some other honeys. Kanuka has a lot going for it, and beech dew is pretty unique. To name a couple. NZ already has a good name in the world honey market, golden opportunity to develop more honeys than just manuka. In Canada the commercial beekeepers are getting in some cases less than $2 per pound for good quality honey. That's were we could end up if we do not continue to innovate.
  24. Harvest declarations

    We extract each site separately so we do know what the code is going to be as it relates to that site and not mixed with anything else.
  25. beehive price tracking

    10 billion people going to be inhabiting Earth within 40 years. Everyone going to eat. They might even buy our brood to eat! If a business opportunity presented, insects for food could be a great investment. Also uses a heck of a lot less resources compared to producing animal based protein. I have eaten fried crickets in Indonesia, no worries. It's all in the brain.
  26. NZBF Angry Bees

    Different point of view, since the rains a month ago most of the AKL region has food. I often find a hive thats got testy at this stage has varroa load. Check for varroa.
  27. Looking for a friendly beekeeper...

    Hive for a home you mean
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