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  2. there indeed have been cases where whole apiaries (with clinically healthy and spore free hives) were ordered to be burned by over zealous officials with little to no understanding of bees and AFB
  3. maybe if ecrotek was selling a product with BT in it you'd write differently 😉
  4. Thats very light, it would be interesting to know the answer
  5. I will try and find a Russian video . If you ever need a video on how to fix tech ,or anything ,they are the best. Even if its all in Russian they are still great .
  6. I’m sure the test process will be in the notes on the lab report but I’m not clever enough to understand what most of the words even mean. There is also a predictive test that can give you an idea of what the mgo, dha and umf will do over several time frames with different storage heats.
  7. Is there a way someone could do it themselves or does "sending it away" mean that they use loads of clever (expensive) stuff to do the job?
  8. Yep. Just send a new sample for testing.
  9. @kaihoka don’t be fooled - I have a very limited skill set that renders me useless unless their is an MRI scanner nearby and an image archive server of a specific brand. Flashing hardware is not good, good luck!
  10. Today
  11. You beat me to it. Markypoo, your black bee doesn't have the shineyness I would expect to see from a sick girl - it looks healthy from the photo. Bees walking away from the hive is a tell-tale sign of a problem. For me, there seems to be a co-incidence with high varroa load late summer, so I would treat for varroa as soon as possible if I saw signs of CBPV. Although the CBPV is not vectored by varroa, I wonder if by removing the varroa and the viruses assoicated with them, it allows the colony to recover as there are just less viruses for the bees to deal with?
  12. In theory Yes. Just like all the mobile hive units in Europe. I am sure they burn the whole trailer unit if they get 1 AFB hive. Just kidding. Of course not. It is a separate entity.
  13. Maybe you should read what I wrote. Not what you think I said.
  14. The amount of HMF increases with time and temperature so if you want to keep it a LONG time, then cool will be better. There is a maximum limit for HMF in the UK, but it's not easy to measure it. Or is there?
  15. I would need a translater to even try and grasp what your doing Kaihoka.
  16. @cBank since you know about these things . My husband fiddled with the settings on our web cam and turned it into a brick. I have to reflash the firm ware with TFTP. It does my head in , I need moral support .😨
  17. Used it in the past while beekeeping in europe (called "B401", works like a charm.) protects frames for 8 months against any wax moth. Harmless for bees and humans (better do some research trev before you claim such things). Anyway stopped using it because i couldnt be bothered spraying it. Bees handle wax moths very well and honey frames which never had brood in them tend to not get infested. If you want to store empty brood frames outside the hives it might be a solution. definately better than mothballs or other chemical crap.
  18. Hi use "thuringiensis" and the whole issue is found. Well, well, if OK for organic use then it must be OK for general use ?
  19. Run on a Raspberry Pi computer ($65) and blocks advert and tracking, sending them down a hole. Pi-hole! Below is the current status - 16% of all traffic right now is blocked. I miss none of it.
  20. It does create a lot of jobs but many things are now done a lot better. Healthcare has a fairly dark past in regards to consent and privacy. I don’t think you can be too careful with data that isn’t yours. Everything used to be in a file somewhere, with physical access required to see it, pages going missing, or long waits for results. Now files can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This makes things vastly quicker and mostly better, but makes breaches easier and more costly too. People are needed to manage the risks but I’d be pretty sure that more jobs have been lost as a result of the automation and better systems than jobs made. As a student I worked in one of the many radiology film libraries in Auckland. It had full time staff and a floor area that was hundreds of square metres. Staff were employed to sort films and deliver them, 10s of Kgs of film at a time. A library with vastly more data is now held by a series of machines that would fit in your cupboard and is accessible around the country near instantly. It is many orders of magnitude faster, it has images that are higher quality and it is backed up and it is excellent. We have come a very long way in a relatively short time. The system is far from perfect, but I’d prefer the healthcare and privacy available now than than that available in any past era. I think you got me started. Next edition will feature my ad blocker, pi-hole and VPN.
  21. i searched using 'bacilius', will have another go. Cheers and result, = found some threads, turns out spelling matters
  22. Did some research if if you are an certified organic beekeeper you can use it https://www.asurequality.com/assets/Organic-Files/organics-standard-2015-FULL-V6-Feb16.pdf
  23. Do you remember life before all this privacy stuff . I do . Things seemed more efficient and much less time wasted . A whole layer of jobs has been created to facilitate it .
  24. So if you have an observation hive like this in your house and it has AFB... does your house have to be burned as well? 😉
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