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Marlborough Beekeepers Association

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  2. The Marlborough Beekeeping Association will be hosting a honey tasting workshop, on Thursday 25th April at the Marlborough Research Centre, 7-9pm. This will be presented by Maureen Maxwell, international honey judge. Further details on our Facebook page. All welcome.
  3. The Marlborough Beekeepers Association will be hosting a workshop for experienced beekeepers (both hobby and commercial) on Sunday 16 September, at the Marlborough Research Centre, Budge Street, Blenheim, 9.45am to 3pm. (Talks begin at 10am.) The workshop is open to anyone interested in bees but is essentially geared towards those with beekeeping experience (rather than 'newbees'). Guest speakers are Dr Megan Taylor, US Queen Breeder (now based in NZ) and Frank Lindsay, retired commercial beekeeper and author of "About The Apairy". Megan will talk about queens, exotic pests and splitting hives. Frank will talk about record keeping, varroa and practicalities of hive management. There will be demonstrations at the club's hives. There will be a Q + A session at the end, including a panel with local beekeepers. Costs: $30 for MBA members and $45 for non-members. New members welcome. Bookings required, please email marlboroughbeekeepers@gmail.com MBA will provide refreshments, but attendees will need to bring their own lunch.
  4. @John T I've just done some tidying up to make the forum and calendar part of your clubs section work correctly
  5. The Marlborough Beekeepers Association will be hosting a workshop, the topic being re-queening and splitting your hive at home. 1st October, 2-4pm at the Riversdale Community Gardens, 85 Budge Street Blenheim. For more information visit the MBA's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MarlboroughBeeKeepers/?ref=bookmarks or the MBA's website http://www.marlboroughbeekeepers.co.nz/
  6. This sunday 5th Nov at 2pm, the MBA is hosting an event, "preparing for summer". The guest speaker is Clare Pinder, a hobby beekeeper. It's at the Budge street community gardens, all welcome. Bring your beesuit if you have one.
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