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BHBI Club Meeting


BHBI Events

Club meeting 7 pm through to 8 pm at Papakowhai Hall.


Members enjoyed a weekend at the Guthrie Smith Arboretum at Tutira north of Napier.   The arboretum has an Education Centre with rudimentary accommodation for 38 people, the accommodation is designed by the Arboretum Trust as one step above camping.   Members enjoyed a guided and insightful tour by Chris Ryan Arborist around the areas specifically planted for bees and Chris who has been a beekeeper shared his reasons for planting the many plants and trees especially for bees.   Botanist Dr Linda Newstrom-Lloyd provided members with an understanding of the biology of flowers and the many varieties that are both easy and difficult for our pollinators to work and the reasons why.  Linda discussed pollen as an essential food source to early bee development and some nutritional values of pollens, with some of our members capturing bees entering the hives David Hills brought along for the weekend.  Kyle from Bee IQ presented his innovation for wasp management and his accompanying dialogue regarding wasp behaviour was very informative.  Our Treasurer  and experienced beekeeper David Hills led a presentation on AFB recognition and management culminating in members splitting into groups and reviewing scenarios for AFB Management.    The weekend ended with Trevor Gillbanks delivering lively and well received presentations on Varroa Management , requeening and preparing for Spring.  The weekend was judged by attendees and the Trust as enjoyable and fun.   Thanks to everyone that made our first workshop a success.

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