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Apiculture Conference


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It is so great that we have now been invited to join the AFB talk on the morning of Friday 28th at the 2019 Apiculture Conference.   We are looking forward to telling our AFB Detector Dog story and how we can help you in your fight against AFB.  It’s been nearly 10 years since our first AFB Detector Dog was trained and there has been a lot of hard work by Richelle and Rene.  We feel we have the experience and now would like to take the next step of having our dogs recognised, certified and Annually audited.

See you there .... We have a site outside and some Detector Dogs Demos happening too.

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The demo's were cool!  But I'm a dog lover so anything dogs do is going to be considered cool :) 

The conference was great I thought, how good was Dr Sammy's talk on Varroa?! Wow.

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