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FFC December meeting

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Our next meeting of the season will be held on Saturday 2 December 2017 at 779 Portobello Road, Edwards Bay at noon.

Summer is here, swarming has been happening, and honey supplies are building up.

And hive AFB inspections must be done for you by 30/11/2017 unless you hold a DECA.

Topics for the meeting:

How to harvest honey, how to check that it is ready, how to extract it, how to bottle it up, and we will run through a practical session but no honey frames yet. Or please bring a box along if you want to extract some.  And how to arrange to extract your hives in a registered facility so you can sell the honey.

Then the main interest in this meeting is for people to bring along some food to share, and to have fun and good discussions.

No meeting in January 2017, too much holiday time to enjoy.

And please remember that this get together is by personal invitation only, which is by email. If you have not had an email, or a friend wants to come along, please get them to email me with some details about them self, and I can invite them.


027 2085133


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