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FFC October meeting


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You will have done your spring inspection by now and strips are in.  If not, your bees may soon be in trouble.
Topics for the meeting:
We will be covering how the hives grow at this time of the year, how we assess progress and help the hive to grow physically.
We spoke about rearing queens, and we will start using “On the Spot” queen rearing and splitting, I’ll send a copy of the protocol to all FFC members.
We will also refresh swarm collecting and hiving, and I have some unused ¾ boxes with frames in them for sale at cost $60.  Good to have spare boxes in case of collecting a swarm, as well as base board, hive mat and lid.
Also, I’ll send a note to all Swarmers members to see if they still want to remain members, or others want to join.

And please remember that this get together is by personal invitation only, which is by email. If you have not had an email, or a friend wants to come along, please get them to email me with some details about them self, and I can invite them.



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For tomorrow's meeting after lunch it will be fun to open 5 of my hives at home and make management decisions on the spot.  The reason is that in the last week I have found most hives in out apiaries really strong and requiring an extra box, probably getting to swarm in a couple of weeks.

So please remember to bring your bee suit or veil.



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59 minutes ago, tudor said:

make management decisions on the spot.

I'm wondering where else beeks make decisions about open hives ?

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