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1st NZ Honeybee Research Symposium - online


The 1st NZ Honeybee research program is now available and is attached.

This symposium covers research topics from AFB to the ApiWellbeing and FutureBees projects. It is free to join the meeting via zoom and registration can be made online here or simply join the meeting here: https://vuw.zoom.us/j/95962449048  (please mute your microphone and turn off video when joining)


Of note, there will be industry talks by both ApiNZ (Karin Kos) and NZ Beekeeping (Jane Lorimer) and there will also be a workshop at 2pm (refer to program) where your views of research in the industry can be presented in a smaller group manner. Please do consider attending this workshop at least, if you can't make other sessions



Organising commitee

NZ Honeybee Research Symposium

1st NZ Honeybee Research Symposium Programme.pdf

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