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Hello Beekeepers






Twenty-five years ago, loving the outdoors I struck on the idea of having a beehive as a hobby, and then I dived into beekeeping with gusto!  I studied at Telford via correspondence.  In those days Telford also offered a queen bee rearing certificate, so once I completed the apiculture knowledge cert, I launched into queen rearing studies.  To complete my queen rearing cert, I was required to be at Telford for 8 weeks, and during this time there was major emphasis on stock selection, grafting techniques, and artificial insemination. 


Back home, my first customer enquiry to buy queen cells was for 600!  I really thought it was a hoax, particularly when the guy said he was travelling from the deep south with a chocolate cake for a Saturday a.m. cuppa!   Well, I got heaps of referrals from that outfit.


I then shifted to Leeston, Mid Canterbury, which fortuitously coincided with the breakup of the Airborne Honey beekeeping operation.  All the ABH guys were excellent beekeepers and I ended up with all of them as my customers.  I was based at a large local extraction plant, hence more customers.  I have great commercial referees, and some of my customers I have retained for 20 years.  The local guys get smaller amounts of cells, but those from long distances generally 70 or 144.  Over the years, I have produced tens of thousands of queen cells. 

So now I have got so much to tell regarding beekeeping, and it has come to a time to change tack and decelerate.  


One-off queen cell production PowerPoint tutorials for commercial beekeepers & long-term experienced hobbyists. Topics covered include colony selection, feeding & stimulation, pollen, royal jelly, starter & finisher hives & manipulations, cell bars & frames, grafting, breeder stock, setting up & running polystyrene mini mating nucs & yard, banking queens, incubators, basic biology. Tutorials in simple English, 250+ slides & handout.


9.30 am to approx. 2.45 pm          $190 pp (GST incl)


Note: Covid-19 and Air NZ cancellation of tickets has forced rescheduling of some previously advertised dates & facilities


Sundays: Other venues considered if demand


7 June Canterbury:  Deferred to 14 June


14 June Canterbury: ‘Gowanlea’, 981 Whitecliffs Road, Coalgate R D, 7673.  Followed by Corsons’ AFB dog demo, AFB hive burning, AP1 or AP2 regional AFB update, BBQ.  Please see forum thread Queen Cell Production Tutorial, AFB Sniffer Dog Demo & Hive Burning, Social Event & BBQ


21 June: Rotorua. Deferred to 16 August


5 July Whangarei: Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn St, 0110


19 July Hamilton: NZ Beeswax, 153 Maui St, Pukete, 3200.  Factory tour to follow


2 August Kerikeri: Woodlands Conference Centre, 126 Kerikeri Road, 2030


16 August Rotorua: Arts Village, 1240 Hinemaru St, 3010


More info, terms & conditions please contact: 

Maggie Phone 027 629 9388 or email mjqueenb@xtra.co.nz        




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