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    29 August 2020 10:30 PM      30 August 2020 02:15 AM

    These informative fact filled tutorials are aimed at hobbyist and entry level beekeepers, as another strategy in your ongoing beekeeping learning toolkit to compliment beekeeping practical knowledge and experience in working your own hive/s, and club activities.  Reference throughout the tutorials is made to both hobbyist and commercial sectors.  This Masterton tutorial is my last North Island event, before queen cell production gets underway for my commercial customers. Each topic has allowance for questions, answers and discussion.  Photography not allowed.  Note taking most welcome.  Please see my advert below.  
    I am based on the mid Canterbury plains.   Work experience includes 20 years queen cell and queen bee production for commercial beekeepers, and honey production.  Also, a number of years as resource writer, photographer, and practical beekeeping tutor Levels 3 & 4 for two divisions of Lincoln University.  For over ten years, in autumn, for the South Island Honey Bee Surveillance programme I undertook hive inspection with very large contracts.  
    Twenty-five years ago, loving the outdoors I struck on the idea of having a beehive as a hobby, and then I dived into beekeeping with gusto!  I studied at Telford via correspondence.  In those days Telford also offered a queen bee rearing certificate, so once I completed the apiculture knowledge cert, I launched into queen rearing studies.  To complete my queen rearing cert, I was required to be at Telford for 8 weeks, and during this time there was major emphasis on stock selection, grafting techniques, and artificial insemination. As a hobbyist I was secretary/editor five years for the Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers' Club, also two years branch secretary for the Canterbury NBA, and more recently five years secretary co-coordinator for the Canterbury Hub ApiNZ from which I resigned this year.  
    So now I have got so much to tell regarding beekeeping, and it has come time to change tack and decelerate. Enquiries most welcome.   
    Maggie James
    Certificate in Queen Bee Rearing
    Quality Queen Cells, Queen Bees, Honey & Tutorials
    60 Selwyn Street, Leeston 7632, Canterbury, New Zealand

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