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    01 April 2019 09:00 PM      11:00 PM

    Do you have honey but no buyer in sight, or prices too low to cover costs?  Let’s get together and talk about it.
    Bruce Clow, Managing Director of Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies (NZ) Ltd is travelling through-out the country in April hosting meetings with beekeepers who might be interested in starting a honey producers’ co-op, or looking at other ways to improve the financial returns for commercial beekeepers.  
    Ceracell has always said that we are here “to help beekeepers”, and quite a number of our commercial beekeepers have expressed serious concerns about their ability to sell honey at a price that makes their business viable.  Well Bruce says, “we are here to help”. Let’s see what we can do together. If things look dark and desperate, you are not alone. Come to one of the meetings and we’ll see what we might be able to do together. Also, let your commercial beekeeping friends know about the meetings, just in case they haven’t seen this notice.
    Topics that we might cover:
    Is there really a problem? What is a Co-op? What might be involved in setting up a Co-op? Are there other things a beekeeper might do to improve his/her bottom-line? If I want “out” how can it be done and recover value from my business? Is there “hope”? You are not alone!  
    If you think you might like to come to one of the meetings, please email bruce@ceracell.co.nz and leave your contact details.  That way Bruce can contact you in case anything untoward happens (such as a car breakdown or illness) which could result in a meeting being cancelled.
    Meeting locations (all times are 10 am to 12 noon):

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