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Local beekeepers near Paihia?

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Fast Tony, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Fast Tony

    Fast Tony Nu Bee International Beekeeper

    Hello there,
    I am in Paihia, up in the Bay Of Islands, and really keen to acquire two hives and begin beekeeping. I have been reading, reading some more, and then reading some more after that. I have no children or pets and think I can devote the proper attention required to give the care necessary for optimum health and survival....plus I am humble and passionate about expanding the honey bee population in NZ. Want to be completely responsible about keeping them happy and disease free! Any comments or local contacts, feel free to post or message, thanx! Tony
  2. Trevor Gillbanks

    Trevor Gillbanks Field Bee Donor 2016 Semi Commercial Gold Donor '17

    Welcome to the forum Tony.
    You live in a great area.
  3. Welcome Tony, Hope someone can sort you out with some bees. Have you tried Kevin at the Whangarei Bee Club?
    A club like that would be a great starting point and you will get to meet some real interesting people. (y)
  4. Need I say more:mask:
  5. tristan

    tristan Field Bee Commercial Gold Donor '17

    music to my ears !
    so nice to hear that attitude.
  6. Put that big spoon away tristan :D
  7. Fast Tony

    Fast Tony Nu Bee International Beekeeper

    Thanks for the replies! Awesome. Think I'm hoping I might be able to find someone not too far away who is already successfully doing this and might let me help them out in exchange for some experience. Would be good to see some established hives and get a chance to see someone working at that level maybe before trying to bring on my own and load them up and jump into it. Though I am kind of anxious, I won't lie,...being on the crux of a good time of the year to start.
  8. Janice

    Janice Guard Bee Donor 2016 Hobbyist

    The anxiety sort of goes away, but not quite. After more than two years I still think I might not be doing things properly at times. And I haven't got used to being stung, mainly because it's quite rare.
  9. Wayne

    Wayne Pupa Donor 2015 Commercial

    Welcome Tony. It might be a bit far for you but we're in Kaitaia if you want to come and have a look at our hives with us. We have spare gear. The only thing you might need is a bottle (or two) of guiness.
    The weekend after next is going to be brilliant, fine and sunny!!!
    Having said that there are lots of beeks around your area and one that was selling hives last year on trademe for a reasonable price. I can't recall but he was also involved in hunting/trapping/possums???
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  10. Fast Tony

    Fast Tony Nu Bee International Beekeeper

    Great and thank you, have just sent you a message Wayne. Definitely keen and appreciate the kind offer. ..and you like Guiness, ...we are getting along already :D
  11. Fast Tony

    Fast Tony Nu Bee International Beekeeper

    Appreciate the direction and tips everyone! Though I am eager to begin, I'm trying to do my homework and realize there's a lot to it and more. Reading and watching a lot of videos and collecting information still at this stage. Think his name was Rod, owns the Honey Center near Warkworth...he suggested I just read about it for a year. Hope to go up Kaitaia and even somewhere closer and see some hives in action soon. I guess there are some hives at the Opua primary school. On the legal side, I am pretty close to the water and sure the area I am in is considered rural-residential, though the backyard is bush and goes into reserve, and have been hearing kiwis as of late I have neighbors close on both sides... So far I believe,

    I need to have permission from the neighbors (Not sure, but think this is true - at least they can't be considered a nuisance to the neighbors, or else the council can get a complaint) I'm just renting a cottage at this stage. Haven't approached the landlord/owners yet. It also totally possible I will go rural and maybe then be a better time to start caring for some bees, not sure, but certainly a possibility.

    Know that the hives have to registered and inspected and kept disease and mite free.
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