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Honey Production

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Naki Bees, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi eveyone,

    Just interested how much honey everyone is getting per hive so far this season. Our two hives that are producing honey have a full depth box & a 3/4 depth box full on each hive, plus top brood boxes are wall to wall with honey. Is this what everyone else is getting?
  2. Ha ha I guess no one is getting any honey this year or its a big secret!! LOL

    Seen that manuka is in full flower here in the Taranki, some manuka faces just covered in white flowers. That will keep the commercial guys happy.
  3. ChrisNZ

    ChrisNZ Pupa Hobbyist

    Mixed bag for me. I've got two 'control' hives that each have five full depth supers. I have just loaded another new box on each (bit of a mission, but I don't want to interupt the flow) and am seriously expecting at least 100kg from each of those. And then I have some other hives about 3km away that have only just filled one box and started drawing out the second. Go figure......
  4. Grant

    Grant The Beekeeper Donor 2016 Hobbyist

    I'm not looking at getting any off for consumption this year. My training hive may make a box as part of the course. My other hive was split at Christmas.

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  5. Matt

    Matt Pupa

    Ive made 3 splits and lost two swarms this year off my two hives, so... One FD box only. Might get another one before strips go in if Im lucky. Suburban West Auckland.
  6. Chris 100kg per hive is a good hual! So you must have 5 supers on them? Impressive. Why would 3km make such a big difference in honey flow? You would think they would cover the same sort of areas?

    Yeah I was thinking about putting another box on each hive. Seems like honey will be coming in for a while yet.
  7. ChrisNZ

    ChrisNZ Pupa Hobbyist

    Yes, that's what I thought. Both areas have ready access to clover, but the grass was left really long at the weaker site. The landowner cut it short last week so I'm hoping the flow picks up a bit there now. The top super took a bit of hauling and i should really spin some of those boxes.....
  8. deejaycee

    deejaycee Guard Bee Commercial

    ...too busy harvesting to
    ...or too busy harvesting to get online and reply ;)
  9. Chris Valentine

    Chris Valentine Guard Bee Commercial

    Manuka honey dont talk to me about this year it _ _ _ _ _ _
  10. Alastair

    Alastair Guard Bee Donor 2016 Platinum Donor '17 Breeder

    Haven't harvested any yet but all my hives that were split early are 4 or 5 high, with just a few at 6. Still too much unsealed honey for me to take any off unless I want to just take the bottom boxes, can't be bothered messing around. There was a near dearth here starting around Christmas but a bit of honey has started coming in again starting maybe a couple of weeks ago. It's been a funny season.

    The hives that were split again later are all different sizes some of them only one box, I'd like to see as many as possible going into winter in two boxes there is still time.

    All my hives were split at least once this year, if they hadn't been split no doubt they would have made more honey but I would have had to harvest some during the season to keep the hive a reasonable size.

    Actually now I think about it I did harvest a few boxes just to keep the cell raisers in my back yard a workable size, it was a lovely floral honey.
  11. Chris Valentine

    Chris Valentine Guard Bee Commercial

    to much rain
  12. yesbut

    yesbut Field Bee Donor 2015 Hobbyist

    I come home from the supermarket with a pack of cheese rolls only to discover that thanks to PPBK and hypermite trials my honey cupboard is completely bare. ######.
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