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Extraction let down

Discussion in 'Commercial Beekeepers' started by CraBee, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. CraBee

    CraBee House Bee Commercial

    I've just had a pretty poor experience with an extraction plant I have used for the first time for some of my harvest.

    When investigating using them they confirmed for me that multi-floral could be extracted separately from kanuka.

    This was then confirmed on the paperwork completed at the plant.

    And in a further email from me to them before extraction started - it is a significant issue with kanuka worth double what the multi-floral is - so I was being careful.

    So this morning I get the quantity back for the multi-floral and I ask about the kanuka quantity. "It's all together" I'm told.

    I start mindfullness.
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  2. nikki watts

    nikki watts Pupa Donor 2016 Semi Commercial

    that's terrible !! In a hard season down grading your crop is about the last thing you need.
  3. frazzledfozzle

    frazzledfozzle Field Bee Donor 2016 Commercial

    How did the before extraction quantities compare?
    Could there be enough kanuka in the mix for it to still sell as kanuka?
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  4. Howard Halliday

    Howard Halliday Pupa Hobbyist

    How rude! If there is signed paperwork, there should be some form of compensation.
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  5. Kiwifruiter

    Kiwifruiter Guard Bee Semi Commercial

    I would have thought it would be easy enough to work out fairly accurate quantities and for them to pay you the difference.....
  6. Alastair

    Alastair Guard Bee Donor 2016 Platinum Donor '17 Breeder

    Sorry to hear about that, and I do know who you used.

    Unfortunately that sort of thing is par for the course with some extraction plants dealing with smaller lots, and you are certainly not the omly person this has happened to. I think the only way to know you are protected against this is take the matter out of their hands. If it can be done, drop in only one type of honey. After it is extracted, drop in another.

    A lot of drama yes, but otherwise what has happened to you will likely happen again.
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  7. Danman

    Danman Larva Semi Commercial

    I have had this happen before as well, was pretty upset at the time.
  8. Kiwifruiter

    Kiwifruiter Guard Bee Semi Commercial

    If you have proof of what you asked for,You should be able to push the issue....
  9. Pinnacle

    Pinnacle Pupa Donor 2016 Commercial

    Frankly that sucks mate.

    I know how hard it is to work with contract extraction, never seems that smooth. I agree with Alastair, only drop in one lot at a time if you can.
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  10. CraBee

    CraBee House Bee Commercial

    Thanks all for your feedback, to answer a couple of the questions/comments: the kanuka crop was about 1/3 of the total, and yes, in future I won't take the risk, I'll get it in separately to wherever it goes to.

    We've been talking and while they were a bit unwilling to take any responsibility at the start most recently it looks they want to make it right, so hopefully we can reach a resolution.
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  11. Gabor

    Gabor Pupa Silver Donor '17 Beginner

    that's a good sign isn't it?
  12. frazzledfozzle

    frazzledfozzle Field Bee Donor 2016 Commercial

    Excellent news @CraBee us little guys work too hard to have it stuffed up by someone who couldnt care less
  13. kaihoka

    kaihoka Guard Bee Donor 2016 Hobbyist

    the migrant beek who has hives on my place had it happen to him too.
    everything was blended.
    he changed the place he got his stuff extracted.
    i have heard lots of complaints about extraction places.
    it must be a very tricky thing to do right and please your customer
  14. tristan

    tristan Field Bee Commercial Gold Donor '17

    the big question is how much extra did you pay for them to separate it ?
  15. tony

    tony Guard Bee Commercial

    As a contract extractor its a bit disappointing to hear that, Not that we are perfect we have had the odd stuff up up nothing worse than doing someone else's honey and a hose blows and a bucket spills on the floor or you get jam ups breaking frames etc.. We run two vats now so we can keep line going and separate batches, because we are owner operators we understand the necessity to keep them separate. However in our system we need nearly 20 full boxs just to get it though the system. We generally turn down small amounts but we do do the odd batch like today we put though 8 boxs for someone at least they where full but it is a pain we had to weigh all boxs extract then weigh boxs again so we knew how much honey we needed to put into buckets for him as the next beek honey was chasing it down the line, otherwise it may not have even come out the pipe at the other end. On a side note does bring up the point of if your getting honey extracted to check or talk about insurance policies and who is responsible for what, quite important that this is clear if you cant afford to have a stuff up.
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  16. Philbee

    Philbee Guard Bee Donor 2016 Commercial

    To be blunt, my first thought would be that the Kanuka had been substituted.
    However, if the boss isnt in the loop with those doing the work this can happen.
    I have seen a very similar thing happen before.
    The contractor just shrugged their shoulders.
    Im freighting my crop this year and I dont care what it costs.
    The value of a good operator is hard to overstate.
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  17. frazzledfozzle

    frazzledfozzle Field Bee Donor 2016 Commercial

    Yes i wouldnt rule that out either @Philbee.
    I hope you get a pollen analysis done on it @CraBee
  18. Pinnacle

    Pinnacle Pupa Donor 2016 Commercial

    I freight my crop too, for the same reasons. If you find a good extractor, stick with them IMO
  19. Moggie

    Moggie Drone Commercial

    get a transparent extraction plant that can trace your honey with tags and give you the quantities from each site.

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  20. Daley

    Daley Guard Bee Donor 2014 Platinum Donor '17 Commercial

    Very disappointing.
    I sympathise with you, that's pretty gutting.

    I'd hate to think it was done intentionally.

    Batching honey especially in small batches with commercial equipment is pretty hard work, you definitely have to spend a lot longer trying to get it through.

    But if they knew that was what you wanted when they took the job on it should have been what you had agreed upon.
    I don't think you should have to pay for it, but I don't think you'll be compensated.

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